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Household Rubbish Removal – How to Save Money

4 November 2021

Examples of household rubbish removal jobs and advice on how to keep prices down

How much does household rubbish removal cost in London and the UK?  How much do licensed waste contractors charge for a collection and how do you save money?


Household rubbish removal average prices

The cost of a licensed waste carrier removing your household rubbish can range from £10 to £500!  It all depends on the amount (size and weight) and type of waste (certain waste types like mattresses and fridges cost more to get rid of than highly recyclable material like cardboard and metal), when you want it collecting (urgent tends to have a premium), and where it is located (easy access means easy prices).  Scroll down to see lots of examples of what people are paying.  And check out our rubbish removal price gallery for real jobs that have happened through the LoveJunk platform.


How to lower the cost of household waste disposal

There are a few different ways you can keep the removal and collection costs cheap:

  • Keep the items dry - wet rubbish is heavier and the heavier the waste, the more disposal costs
  • Break down waste beforehand - to save the collector time, it's best to break down the waste (i.e. wardrobes) as much as possible.  It will also take up less space in the van, therefore resulting in a cheaper collection
  • Be flexible with the time and date of the collection - rubbish removal companies often charge extra on Sunday's or if a collection is taking place late in the evening


Example rubbish removal jobs & prices

Below are lots of genuine examples of how much licensed collectors are charging to remove household rubbish.

Fridge freezer, £50

Two-seater sofa, £60

Packing boxes disposal, £20

Old washing machine, £30

Double mattress, £50

Sofabed, £80

Bath, £30

Cardboard, £30

Sofa, £50

Cupboard, £35

Wall unit, £65

Wooden pallets, £35

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