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Council large item collection prices 2023

3 March 2023

Comparison of bulky waste collection prices charged by councils in 2023

Curious to see how council large item collection prices for householders compare across England in 2023? We’ve researched each council’s prices to find out those offering the best value, the most expensive and also the ones not offering a service at all. What does your council’s service look like? How do they rank? The article covers the following key sections:

  • Average price for a council large item collection
  • Council collection prices ranked by region
  • 10 most expensive council bulky item collection services
  • Cheapest councils 
  • Free council collection service
  • Councils that don’t offer any service
  • Complete list of bulky waste collection charges in England by council
  • Prices for collections of multiple items


NOTE: Councils charge for large item collections in different ways. Some charge per item and some charge a flat fee for up to a certain number of items. We compare how much councils charge for a single standard item (namely, a two-seater sofa). We cover combination collection charges at the end of this article.

Note that due to the recent implementation of the POP regulations that require upholstered seating to be disposed of in a certain way, many councils are reviewing their charges for sofa collections. As a result, the rates shown below are subject to change.


£30 is average price for a large item collection

Reviewing large item collection charges by councils across England in 2023 we found the average price charged for 1 item is £30

The most expensive councils are Waverley and Runnymede that both charge £70. At the other end of the scale, there are twelve councils that offer the service for free (see below).  Most councils charge within the £20 – £40 price range.

Below is a chart that shows how the price varies across councils.


Chart of council bulky waste collection prices 2023 

cost of council single item collection chart



Prices by region

Here is a table of the average prices of a council large item collection by region. We’ve organised in ascending order of average price, with the North East being the cheapest region and the South East being the most expensive.


Region Average price £
North East 18
North West 22
East Midlands 25
London 26
West Midlands 28
Yorkshire and The Humber 28
South West 33
East 36
South East 38


10 most expensive councils for bulky waste collection

Here are the 10 most expensive councils in England. Unfortunately, if you live in any of these areas you’ll be paying quite a lot for council large item collection! The most expensive councils are Runnymede and Waverley (both in Surrey) which charge £70 to collect 1 item. 


Council Region Price £
Runnymede South East 70.00
Waverley South East 70.00
North Somerset South West 68.60
Mendip South West 68.60
Sedgemoor South West 68.60
Somerset West & Taunton South West 68.60
South Somerset South West 68.60
Spelthorne South East 65.00
Central Bedfordshire East 64.10
Richmond upon Thames London 64.00


10 cheapest councils for bulky waste collection

At the other end of the scale are the councils offering the lowest price. Kirklees and Southend-on-Sea will collect 1 item for under £10. 


Council Region Price £
Kirklees Yorkshire and The Humber 5.55
Southend-on-Sea East 9.00
Barking & Dagenham London 10.00
Bolsover East Midlands 10.00
North Tyneside North East 10.00
Sefton North West 10.00
Sunderland North East 10.00
Walsall West Midlands 10.00
Mansfield East Midlands 10.80
Basildon East 11.00



Councils offering Free large item collection

Even better than a cheap service is a free one! People living in any of the councils below are fortunate to have a council that collects multiple large items completely free of charge.


Council Region
Enfield London
Harrow London
Hyndburn North West
Leeds Yorkshire and The Humber
Leicester East Midlands
Liverpool North West
Manchester North West
Pendle North West
Rochdale North West
Tower Hamlets London
Waltham Forest London
Wigan North West


Councils that do not offer a bulky item collection service

For various reasons, these councils don’t offer any sort of bulky waste collection service. If you live in any of these areas, you will need to find an alternative way to have your large items collected. 


Council Region
Isles of Scilly South West
Luton East
Scarborough Yorkshire and The Humber
Tendring East


Complete list of bulky waste collection charges in England

This list is every council’s charge for a single item collection in alphabetical order. 

single item collection council list single item collection council list single item collection council list single item collection council list

Source: LoveJunk, March 2023.



Council charges to collect a combination of items

For completeness, here is some information about council collections of a combination of items.

We class a ‘combination collection’ as 3 items: namely, a sofa, a fridge and a mattress. The most expensive council for a combination collection is Winchester, Hampshire, which charges £110. 

Combination collection conditions

  • Sofas – Due to the POP legislation mentioned at the beginning of the article, some councils are collecting upholstered items separately. Whether they charge for the extra collection varies by council. 
  • Fridges – Charges for fridges tend to vary from council to council. Some class them as Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) and collect separately. 
  • Mattresses – Mattresses are usually a fairly easy item to price and don’t require any special collections. 


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