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How to dispose of your old carpet

9 July 2021

8 ways to get rid of your old carpet

Are you looking for carpet disposal options? Great – you’re in the right place! This complete guide to carpet disposal includes all the ways to get rid of old carpet plus offcuts, underlay, gripper rods or packaging:

  1. Donate your carpet for reuse
  2. Pay carpet fitter
  3. Carpet retailer disposal service
  4. Take it to the tip
  5. Council bulky waste collection
  6. Hire a Skip
  7. Hippo bag
  8. Man & van carpet waste collection
    1. Carpet disposal prices


1. Reuse – find somebody to take your carpet away for free

If your carpet is in good condition, it’s possible you could find somebody to reuse your carpet and pick it up for free. This is the best case scenario for any waste because it’s avoiding disposal sites altogether. There are a few options:

  1. Avid DIYer? You could use old carpet or offcuts for your gardening (just place the carpet upside down and cover it with bark mulch) or to make mats
  2. Ask local animal shelters – they often accept carpets for animal bedding and cat scratching posts
  3. Advertise online on reuse websites such as Freecycle, Freegle, Facebook marketplace or LoveJunk



2. Ask your carpet fitter

Carpet fitters often remove and dispose of your old carpet for an additional fee. It’s important to check your fitter has a waste carriers license to legally dispose of waste. If they don’t, you will be responsible if the carpet ends up fly-tipped. Check their license on the Environment Agency’s website.

Expect to pay around £1-£2 per square metre for carpet removal by your fitter.

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3. Retailer removal & disposal service

Some carpet retailers offer a carpet removal and recycling service if you buy your new carpet from them. If your retailer provides it, you can usually add this service at checkout.

Below is a table comparing the services offered by the UK’s major carpet retailers. To give a general idea of the costs, we’ve included the price for an average-sized living room in the UK (17.02m2).


Carpet Retailer Cost per m2 Cost per room (17 m2)
Carpetright £3.49 £59.30
Flooring superstore N/A No service
John Lewis £5.50* £93.50
Online carpets N/A No service
SCS £1.50 £25.50
Tapi £5.30 £90.10
United carpets and beds N/A No service

*Guide price only, provided by John Lewis


Need to uplift yourself? If you want to pull up the carpet yourself, check out our step-by-step guide to carpet uplift.


4. Take your carpet to the tip

If you’re a householder with a car, you can dispose of your carpet at the local tip (sometimes referred to as Household Waste Recycling Centres/ HWRCs, or Civic Amenity sites). Driving your carpet waste to the tip is usually the cheapest option because tips rarely charge for disposal.

However, it’s worth checking beforehand if your site refuses any waste. Some recycling centres are more picky with certain materials. That being said, the likelihood of being able to recycle your carpet at the tip is reasonably high. Use our Interactive Map of Council Tips to find your nearest site. 

Top tip: put down sheets or some covering underneath the carpets so you won’t be left cleaning up carpet fluff for days!



5. Use the council bulky waste collection service

If you don’t have transport to get to the tip, the next option to check out is your council’s bulky waste collection service. Although it’s usually relatively cheap, the wait times are longer than hiring a private waste collector and they can’t come into your property to remove it. This could be a problem if you also need the carpet uplifting or can’t get it outside yourself. 

Check your council website for details on prices and how to book a collection. Prices vary up and down the country, with certain councils strictly excluding certain types of waste.

If you’re interested – you could read our full breakdown of Council Large Item Collection Prices.


6. Hire a skip for carpet & DIY waste

Do you have lots of carpet to get rid of? Hiring a skip is only really worth the price when you have enough waste to fill it. For example, if you’re doing a big renovation that means all the carpet or flooring is coming out. 

Costs vary depending on where you live, the size of the skip and whether or not you need a skip permit too. For full details on hiring a skip, see our Skip Hire Guide.


7. Use a Hippo bag for carpet disposal

Cheaper than a skip, you can also dispose of carpet with a hippo bag, sometimes referred to as skip bags. The company that you rent the bag from will usually offer disposal. However, it’s worth asking a private waste collector for a quote as they often do it cheaper. 

See our Hippo Bag Guide here.


man and van clearance compamny carrying rolled up carpet for carpet disposal


8. Man & Van Carpet Disposal

One of the most popular ways to get rid of your carpet waste is to hire a man & van waste collector. They can remove waste from anywhere on the property and, if required, can often collect on the same day. 

Important to remember is that you have a ‘Duty of Care’ as a householder to make sure your carpet isn’t fly tipped. This is very common and a real crisis not just for councils but for the environment too. You can receive a big fine if any fly tipped waste is traced back to you, so always check your waste carrier is registered with the Environment Agency.



How much does carpet removal cost?

The easiest way to see how much it will cost to get rid of your old carpet is to post a listing on the LoveJunk marketplace. Take a couple of pictures of your carpet waste to create a free, no obligation listing and let nearby collectors quote to take it away. You can read reviews from past customers before booking. 

See LoveJunk’s Rubbish Removal Prices comparison tool for the most up to date carpet removal jobs, or see some examples below:


Carpet, underlay & rugs, £45

Bags of old carpet, £151

Rolled carpet, £55

Carpets, laminate and underlay, £130

Carpet and underlay, £70

Large roll of carpet, £30

Underlay and carpet, £65

Carpet, £40

Wet carpet, £100


4 ways to lower the cost of carpet collection

  1. Keep the carpet dry – wet carpet is heavier than dry and will make the collection more expensive
  2. Uplift the carpet yourself – this will save the collector time & save you money
  3. Cut the carpet into smaller sections and roll it up to make it easier for the collector to carry and load the van
  4. Leave your carpet as close as possible to the van so they don’t have far to carry it to the van


Thank you for reading!

We hope you found our article about how to get rid of your old carpet useful. For any further reading about rubbish clearance, we recommend our article How to Dispose of Rubbish!


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