Great value rubbish removal happening on LoveJunk every day!

Great value rubbish removal happening on LoveJunk every day!

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Rubbish removal near me

Are you searching for cheap, professional and eco-friendly Rubbish Removal near me? Great. You are in the right place. Welcome to LoveJunk, the marketplace for rubbish removal. Use us for free to find your best, local rubbish removal solution in minutes. Just click on the green ‘Find your collector’ button to get started.

How does it work

LoveJunk connects you to 100s of vetted local waste carriers whenever you need bulky waste removed. All you have to do is take a couple of photos of the rubbish you want removed, choose a time you want it collecting and then publish it on the LoveJunk marketplace. Nearby licensed waste carriers will start to respond with quotes to do the job in seconds! You compare their removal prices and customer ratings and reviews, to decide which is the best solution for you.

Once you’ve chosen a rubbish collector, you can message them without sharing any personal contact details via the LoveJunk messaging system to organise exactly what will happen on the day. Payment is done securely online after the rubbish pickup once you confirm you are 100% happy with the job. There is no need for cash and you receive a proper email receipt to your inbox. We also send you all the appropriate disposal documentation detailing what was collected, where it went, who picked it up and how much was recycled or went to landfill.

Cost of rubbish removal

The gallery of photos above shows the latest rubbish removal jobs that have happened on the LoveJunk marketplace. ‘Matched’ means a customer found a collector to collect their rubbish at an agreed time for an acceptable price. The price shown is the price including VAT that was paid by the customer for the collection. The time shown in minutes or hours is the time it took for that customer to accept one of the collector offers from the moment they posted their rubbish on LoveJunk. Some listings are very quick to match because the customer received a great offer quickly. Longer times normally occur because the customer wanted to wait to make sure they got the absolute lowest price.

You can tap a listing to view more details of the job. This includes the type and size of waste, the collection date and the agreed arrival window. The listing also shows the region and postcode area and additional photos of the collection. Listings with a green heart are those where the item was passed on for reuse or the rubbish removed was delivered to a disposal facility with zero waste to landfill. To learn more or create a listing, click on the green button or go to our Rubbish Clearance page.

Different types of waste

If you click on any of the filters above, you can zoom into jobs that are focused around a certain type of rubbish. For example, garden waste or sofas. This may be helpful to give you a better idea of what rubbish removal costs for your own job. Bear mind that every collection is slightly different and there are numerous factors that affect the final price. These include time of day, urgency, size of job, weight of job, cost of disposal, loading time, ease of access, and geography.