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Cardboard removal – cost of removal of excess cardboard & packaging

7 October 2021

Guide prices for cardboard removal

How much does it cost for cardboard removal in London and the UK?  What do licensed waste carriers charge to take away a load of empty boxes and packaging? Why do prices vary and how can you keep the costs down?


Cardboard removal costs

Typcal price for a licensed waste contractor to remove excess cardboard from your home is £20 - £80 including VAT. Exact price depends on how much cardboard you have, how soon you need the collection, if you're disposing of any other waste types in the same collection, what time of day and day of week you need the collection, and where you it's being collected from. For example, a collection from a top floor of a block of flats with no lift will cost more than a collection from street level with easy parking.


How to keep collection cost as cheap as possible

There are a few different ways you can keep the collection costs cheap:

  • Keep the cardboard dry - wet cardboard is heavier than dry and can be a pain to collect because it can often become crumbly when wet
  • Flatten down your cardboard - this will save the collector time and won't take up as much room in the van
  • Separate packaging and polystyrene (and any other waste you may have e.g wheelie bin waste) from the cardboard
  • Place all your cardboard waste outside so it's quick and easy to collect


Example cardboard removal prices

Below are the latest examples of how much people are paying for the removal of used cardboard boxes and packaging.

For today's best prices for cardboard removal, check out

Cardboard boxes, £35

Cardboard & packaging, £50

Cardboard, £45

Cardboard & household rubbish, £55

Cardboard and bin bags, £70

Garden waste & cardboard, £50

Cardboard & building waste, £90

Cardboard and plastic, £50

Rubbish bags and cardboard, £40

Cardboard & plastic, £80

Cardboard recycling, £40

Cardboard & polystyrene, £100

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