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Cardboard Waste Collection

7 October 2021

A guide on what to pay and how to find cheap cardboard waste collection


Want to know more about how much cardboard waste collection costs? Looking for a professional and reliable waste company to take it away? Either as a one-off or as a regularly scheduled collection? Well, you are in the right place! This article covers

  • how much you should expect to pay for a car boot load of old cardboard to be removed
  • top tips on how to keep the price down
  • examples of different waste cardboard collecitons and a link to loads more
  • how to find your cheapest local collector
  • links to other useful resources and more info on the subject


How much to collect a car boot load of cardboard?

The price range for a licensed waste contractor to remove the equivalent of a car boot load of cardboard folded down is £20 - £80 including VAT.

The exact price depends on how soon you need the collection, if you are disposing of any other waste types in the same collection, what time of day and day of the week you need the collection, and where it's being collected from. For example, a collection of card mixed with rubble from the top floor of a block of flats with no lift will cost a lot more than a collection from street level with easy parking.


Tips to keep your prices as cheap as possible

There are a few different ways you can keep your collection costs down:

  • Keep the cardboard dry - wet cardboard is heavier than dry and can be a pain to collect because it can often become crumbly when wet. Collectors charge more if they have to spend more time loading.
  • Flatten cardboard boxes down - this will save the collector time when loading and won't take up as much room in their van. Generally the more space taken up, the more you pay.
  • Separate out packaging and polystyrene and any other general waste (e.g wheelie bin waste) from the cardboard. Cardboard is much cheaper to dispose of for collectors than general waste because it is so recyclable. So they will splitting it out for them in advance will save them time and money.
  • Place all your cardboard waste outside so it's quick and easy to collect. Again this is all about making the job as fast as possible for the collector because time equals money!


Example of cardboard waste collections

Below are some typical examples of how much people pay to recyclecardboard from their homes and offices. If you click on any of the images, it will take you to a gallery with lots more cardboard waste collection jobs, with information about posctode, price, time of day etc. Or you can just go now directly to the cardboad recycling gallery.

Cardboard boxes, £35

Packaging, £50

Cardboard disposal, £45

Cardboard & household rubbish, £55

Bin bags & card £70

Garden waste & cardboard, £50

Cardboard & building waste, £90

Plastic and cardboard waste, £50

Rubbish bags and cardboard, £40

Cardboard & plastic, £80

Old cardboard, £40

Cardboard & polystyrene, £100


Find cheapest nearby collector

For today's best prices for cardboard recycling, please check out our cardboard recycling near me page



Cardboard recycling process

If you've ever wondered how cardboard recycling happens, we recommend watching this informative video from LondonRecycles ! And if you are interested in the process of recycling and upcycling furniture check out this blog for inspiration.


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