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How to dispose of cardboard waste

7 October 2021

4 ways to get rid of cardboard waste

Are you looking for cardboard waste removal? You've found the right guide. We outline the four best ways to dispose of cardboard waste:

  1. Wheelie bins
  2. Reuse - 2 ways
  3. Recycling centres
  4. Man & van cardboard waste collection


1. Can cardboard waste go in wheelie bins?

Yes - you can put cardboard in your wheelie bins. Normally, your council will give you a designated bin or box for your cardboard waste. Make sure you separate cardboard from any polystyrene or other waste. To save space, cut up large pieces of cardboard.

Could any of the cardboard be reused? See our ideas below about how to reuse perfectly good cardboard.



2. Donate for reuse

There’s loads of ways to reuse old cardboard. It can be used for composting, DIY and craft projects, or storage. Find people looking for reusable cardboard by:

  • Asking your neighbours. See if anybody is looking for cardboard or, alternatively, leave them outside your door with a note saying ‘please take me’!
  • Posting on social media. Use sites like Freegle, Facebook marketplace and LoveJunk marketplace to reusers near you


3. Take your cardboard waste to the recycling centre

In the case that you can’t reuse any of the cardboard and it won’t fit in your wheelie bins, you could take it to your local council tip. Otherwise known as Civic Amenity sites or HWRCs (household waste recycling centres). 

Tips don’t charge you to dispose of cardboard so this is a cheap option if you can fit it all in your car. We recommend checking your council website for details about your tip. Rules vary about vehicles and opening times etc. 


6. Pay a man & van waste collector 

Your final option is to pay a man & van waste carrier to come and pick up the cardboard. This is a great solution if you’re short on time or can’t get to a recycling centre yourself. Waste carriers can respond on the same day if necessary, and will come and clear cardboard waste from anywhere on your property. 

It’s important to check the waste carrier you hire is Environment Agency licensed. Sadly, it’s fairly common in the industry for cowboy collectors to charge a small fee and then fly tip the waste. If fly tipped waste can be traced back to you, you’ll get a fine. So, better to be safe than sorry! The easiest way to find a local, fully licensed and insured collector for cardboard is to use the LoveJunk marketplace.



How much does cardboard removal cost?

You can expect to pay between £20-£80 for cardboard waste removal. Remember that final prices depend on the amount of cardboard you have, how quickly you need it removed and whether there’s any other waste with it. Save money by leaving your cardboard all in one place as flat as possible, preferably somewhere dry and accessible. 

For no obligation quotes from nearby, licensed waste carriers, you could post a listing on the LoveJunk marketplace. Alternatively, see example prices below from cardboard removal jobs that have recently happened on the LoveJunk platform.


Example cardboard waste removal prices

Cardboard & plastic, £80

Building waste & cardboard, £90

Cardboard & polystyrene, £100

Rubbish bags and cardboard, £40

Garden waste & cardboard, £50

Plastic and cardboard waste, £50


Finally, thanks for reading!

We hope you found this guide about how to get rid of cardboard waste useful! If you have more waste to get rid of, check out our Rubbish Removal Gallery to see all sorts of jobs that happened on the LoveJunk platform. You might also like:


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