garden waste in a green wheelie bin about to be taken for garden clearance collection

Garden Waste Disposal & Clearance Prices in London

2 February 2022

How much does garden waste disposal cost in London and the UK?  How much do waste companies charge for garden waste clearance?  Find out the typical costs and how to make your collection as cheap as possible.


Garden waste disposal costs

The typical price for a garden waste collection ranges from £20 - £70 (including VAT).  Collection costs vary depending on what type of garden waste you have (i.e. light waste such as grass, branches etc or heavy waste such as soil), how quickly you need the waste collected, the time and day of collection and how much you're willing to pay.  For more info and money-saving tips for garden waste removal, check out our ultimate guide to garden waste disposal.


How to save money on a garden waste collection

Here are some ways you can keep collection costs cheap:

  • Break down your waste - the cost of the garden waste collection depends on the volume, so break down any garden waste you have or place heavier items on top
  • Use your garden waste to make compost
  • Use your council green waste recycling bin
  • If using a skip, order the largest one you can
  • Logs can be sold!


Example garden waste disposal prices

If you are planning on doing lots of work in your garden this winter and you need cheap and efficient garden waste clearance, look no further! You can find the latest prices for garden waste collection on the LoveJunk platform below.

Garden waste for rubbish clearance, £35

Garden waste disposal, £45

Small heavy garden statues for removal, £30

Pile of garden waste, £90

6 bags of garden waste removed, £40

Garden fence, £30

Green waste, £75

Garden table & chairs, £20

Skip bags full of garden waste, £110

Garden rubble, £45

Tree cuttings, £70

Hippo bag for garden waste, £80

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