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98% landfill diversion

Everything collected through the LoveJunk platform is reused or taken to a licensed commercial recycling facility. On average, 98% of material avoids landfill. This % is steadily improving as we work to increase the proportion of items reused and encourage collectors to use zero landfill disposal sites. For peace of mind, the disposal facility and recycling rate are detailed in your disposal documentation.

33% reuse

A fundamental reason why LoveJunk exists is to facilitate reuse. We want to shine a light on every item being disposed of to help others identify if it can be saved. By providing a visual gallery and connecting into Junk Reusers, reuse charities and second hand dealers, we can help save a lot more perfectly good stuff from being destroyed.  On average, an amazing 1 in 3 of listings marked by customers as potentially reusable is passed on for reuse!

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Reducing miles per collection

There are more than enough waste collectors and reusers on the road to collect all the bulky items we need to dispose of. The issue is they operate independently. So, vehicles drive unnecessary miles wasting time and fuel, cost and carbon emissions. LoveJunk helps remove this logistical spaghetti. Connecting you to your nearest available collector in seconds.

Tracking responsible disposal

No one wants their waste to be disposed of illegally or irresponsibly. We verify the permit and recycling details of every disposal site used by collectors and log which one they choose for your collection. That way you always know your waste is being disposed of in the proper way.

flytipping side of road mattress

Stopping fly-tipping

There is no excuse for fly-tipping. Every waste collector using the LoveJunk marketplace is licensed by the Environment Agency. We verify their identity, license details and insurance information and that the disposal facilities they use are properly permitted, so you don't have to worry.  Great prices should never be too good to be true!