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Rubbish Removal Birmingham

4 October 2022

Advice and info on how to dispose of rubbish & bulky waste in Birmingham

This is the ultimate guide to rubbish removal Birmingham. It covers all the ways you can dispose of or reuse your bulky waste in Birmingham, and how to choose between them. Getting rid of your rubbish sustainably has never been easier!

The key sections in this article are: 

  • Reuse options in Birmingham
  • Birmingham Council bulky waste collection service
  • Man & van waste collectors, including finding a good local one, examples and prices
  • Skip hire in Birmingham, including skip hire providers, prices and council permit fees
  • Local recycling centres in Birmingham


Note: If you're looking for rubbish removal information related to clearing your property in this area, have a look at our Guide to House Clearance in Birmingham.


1. Reuse options in Birmingham

Are your unwanted items still in decent condition? Somebody else could reuse them! The great thing about donating your items for reuse is that most ways to do this are completely free. Even better, there are lots of reuse options to choose from in Birmingham. 

Below are some popular reuse charities and social enterprises in and around Birmingham that accept second hand furniture, appliances and other bigger items.


Organisation name
The ReUsers shop, Sutton Coldfield
CT Furniture Birmingham - Northfield
British Heart Foundation Furniture & Electrical
Birmingham St Mary's Hospice Furniture Shop
Betel Furniture Superstore


For a more detailed guide to all the reuse options in the area, including addresses and contact details of the above, check out our Guide to Reuse in Birmingham. Or, if you just have furniture to get rid of, check out Furniture Removal Birmingham.


2. Birmingham council bulky waste collection service

Birmingham city council offers a rubbish removal service for bulky items that don’t fit in your bins. They can collect up to 10 items per booking and will accept electrical appliances, furniture, ovens/ cookers, garden waste and bicycles. All items for collection must be left outside the property and you must bag or secure any loose items properly. 

Birmingham council cannot collect:

  • Business or commercial waste
  • Bags that weigh over 10kg
  • Boilers,
  • Pianos or
  • Any kind of doors

Items for collection must be safe to carry between 2 people. To see a full list of what the council cannot accept, click here.

Note: you cannot dispose of asbestos either through the bulky waste collection service or at the recycling centres. You'd need to find a private collector of hazardous waste. 


Cost of the collection service

Whether you need 1 or 10 items collecting, the price of Birmingham council's collection service stays the same:

  • £33 if you book online
  • £35 if you book via telephone

Book a bulky waste collection online here or call the council's bulky waste collection service on 0121 303 1112.

For full details visit the Birmingham city council website. Remember that to book a collection online, you need to have registered with an account. And to register, you need to have an address within Birmingham.


3. Licensed man and van waste collectors

Instead of a council bulky waste removal, you can hire a licensed man & van rubbish collector. Whereas you could wait up to a couple of weeks for a council removal, a private collector can respond immediately. They collect any and all types of waste. Man & van companies can also collect rubbish from either in or outside the home, while the council collects items strictly outdoors. The council option can present problems if you can’t lift or move the items by yourself.

Man & van rubbish removal collection prices vary on the type and amount of waste, as well as the date or time you want it removed. 


Cheapest licensed bulky waste collector in Birmingham 

The easiest way to find the cheapest collector in Birmingham is with LoveJunk waste removal and reuse marketplace. The process is quick and easy: snap some pictures of your unwanted stuff and then a nearby licensed waste collector or reuser gives a quote to take it away. It’s totally free to use LoveJunk, and councils widely recommend the service.



Examples of man & van rubbish removal prices in Birmingham


Corner sofa, £30

Sofa + pullout bed, £60

Double mattress, £30

Garden waste, £150

5 part sofa, £100

2x sofas, £80


4. Skip hire Birmingham

Skips are useful if you have a lot of messy waste to get rid of. Unlike Man & Van collectors, you’ll need to load the skip yourself and the prices are fixed no matter how full the skips are at the end. Skip hire is often much more expensive than Man & Van simply because of additional permit and license fees. For more information on skips, take a look at our Ultimate Guide to Skip Hire.


Birmingham skip hire companies

The best options for skip hires are using a local skip provider, rather than a national one. Here are some of the main skip hire companies operating in Birmingham.

Kiely Skips
Mercian Skip Hire
Holborn Waste Limited


Skip hire prices in Birmingham

Typical skip hire prices (including VAT) for a mixed general waste skip in Birmingham. Prices reflect a hire period of 14 days. They do not include the cost of necessary skip permits or parking bay suspensions.

Builder skip: 6-8 cubic yard skip @ £250-£260

Maxi skip: 10 - 12 cubic yard skip @ £340


Skip Permits and Bay Suspensions

You’ll need a skip permit license to place a skip on the road (as opposed to on your drive, for example), and (if you live in one) a controlled parking zone (CPZ) suspension permit. Have a look at our Guide to Skip Permits and Bay Suspensions for more information regarding skip permits.

Skip license Birmingham: £22 maximum 7 days, new permit after that.

CPZ Bay Suspension in Birmingham: £15 a day.

You can apply for a skip license for Birmingham here, and apply for a parking suspension permit here.


5. Birmingham Recycling Centres

There are 5 recycling centres in Birmingham. You must be a Birmingham resident to use them. For full information about the Birmingham tips including opening hours, permitted and prohibited items, have a look at our Guide to Birmingham Recycling Centres

Sutton Coldfield: Norris Way, Sutton Coldfield, B75 7BB. For more info read our guide to Sutton Coldfield Recycling Centre

Tyseley: James Road, Tyseley, B11 2BA. Check out our guide to Tyseley Recycling Centre for more info.

Kings Norton: Lifford Lane, Kings Norton, B30 3JJ.

Castle Bromwich: Tameside Drive, Castle Bromwich, B35 7AG.

Perry Barr: Holford Drive, Perry Barr, B42 2TU – this site is closed until Spring 2023 due to maintenance and redevelopment work.


A map of the Birmingham tips

Location Map of the Birmingham Recycling Centres



6. Rubbish statistics & fly tipping in Birmingham

In 2021, the council reported 22,750 cases of fly-tipping, equal to 20 fly-tips per 1000 residents and 5 per 100 households. This is based on a population of 1,140,525 people. 

If you want to check out our Interactive Fly Tipping Map of England and see how Birmingham compares to the rest of England, click here. 


And finally...

Thank you for reading! Let us know if you have any questions about Birmingham rubbish removal - we would be happy to help. Equally, if you would like to chat about anything featured in this blog or have any other questions about rubbish clearance in general, drop us a line! You can get in touch with us at [email protected] or connect on our social media channels.

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