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12 yard skip guide

25 October 2023

12-yard skip: What is a 12-yard 'large maxi' skip size, and what can they hold? We've put together an easy to read guide just for you!

  1. What does a 12 yard skip size hold?
  2. Skip sizes
  3. The 12 yards skip size
  4. What is prohibited in a 12-yard skip?
  5. 12-yard skip hire cost
  6. Alternatives to hiring a 12-yard skip

Useful background: 


1. What does a 12-yard skip size hold?

how much fits in a 12yard skip

12 yarders hold the equivalent of 100-120 bin bags, around 24 wheelie bins worth of waste and a maximum of 8 tonnes. A 12 yard is best suited to very large renovation projects or, most commonly, general construction waste from building sites and trade businesses.


2. Skip Sizes

Skips come in 2 Yards, 4 Yards, 6 Yards, 8 Yards and 12 Yards sizes. To look in more detail, read our skip size guide for a handy comparison of all the skips we offer. Below is a table showing the skip dimensions and what they can hold.

Skip size Dimensions Bin bags equivalent Best for 
4 Yards Skip 'Midi' H: 1m, L: 1.8m, W 1.3m 30-40 bin bags Bikes, small fridges, TV's, sofas and chairs
 6 Yards Skip 'Small Builders' H: 1.2m, L: 2.6m, W 1.5m 40-55 bin bags Kitchen, bathroom, home renovations.
8 Yards Skip 'Builders' H: 1.2m, L: 3.7m, W 1.7m 70-80 bin bags Clearing an entire house or major renovation work
12 Yards
'Large Maxi'
H: 1.7m, L: 3.7m, W 1.8m 100-120 bin bags Very large projects and, general construction waste


3. The 12 yards skip size

The height of a 12-yard skip is 1.7 metres, the length 3.7 metres and 1.8 metres wide. 12 yard skips are a very popular choice for construction jobs because they are big enough for the amount of waste coming out of a building site.



4. What can't you put in skips?

Below is a list of items prohibited by skip of all sizes, not just a 12 yard skip. If you would like more information about how to dispose of any of the specific items below, please click on their individual waste disposal guide. Please see our ultimate skip hire guide for a more in-depth look into what can and cannot be disposed of in a skip. Complete with information about why they are not permitted and other options for disposal.


Asbestos X
Paint X
Electricals X
Batteries X
Tyres X
Medical Waste X
Gas cylinders X
Solvents X
Fuels X
Plasterboard X


5. What is the hire cost of a 12 yard skip?

The average hire cost of a 12 yard skip depends on the following factors:

  1. Location - where you are within the UK
  2. Type of waste - is it messy and bulky or lightweight
  3. Council permits - they vary depending on your region

As a general idea, expect to pay between £220 - £450.


6. Alternatives to hiring a 12-yard skip

Hiring a skip can be expensive! Usually, it can cost 50% - 150% more than using a man & van waste contractor to remove the waste instead. Your other options:

  1. Hippo Bag - cheaper than skips and good for containing messy bits of waste, you then pay a local waste carrier to collect and empty it. Take a look at what Hippo bag discount codes are available out there, see our complete guide hippo bag collection  to explore this option further.
  2. Recycling centre - depending on the size and weight of your waste, take the waste to your local recycling centre. Some tips charge for DIY type waste, though the law is changing on this! Check your local council website for full details.
  3. Pay a man & van waste carrier to take the waste directly. You'll need to make sure they are licensed with the Environment Agency and that the waste isn't going to be fly tipped. 


Recent bulky waste collections

See examples below of large loads of bulky waste that were cleared by fully licensed and insured collectors on the LoveJunk marketplace. 

Household & builders waste, £200

Builder's rubbish, £200

Renovation builders waste, £180

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