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How to Save Money on Hippo Bag Collection

19 February 2021

Hippo bag collection cost & prices

Are you hoping to save some money on your hippo bag collection cost? You’re in the right place! This guide is here to help you reduce the costs as much as possible when you need hippo bag collection. In particular, it covers what you can expect to pay with Hippowaste, plus the 2 main ways to save money:

  1. Use a man & van waste removal company
  2. Apply discount codes


1. Use a man & van waste collector

Below is a table comparing how much Hippowaste charges vs how much you would expect to pay a private waste carrier.


Size Collection cost charged by Hippowaste Collection cost charged by man & van collectors
Hippo Midibag  (L)90cm x (W)90cm x (H)90cm

Weight allowance: 1 tonne

£199.99 £100 – £150
Hippo Megabag (L)180cm x (W)90cm x (H)70cm

Weight allowance: 1.5 tonnes

£229.99 £100 – £200
Hippo Skipbag (L)210cm x (W)165cm x (H)100cm

Weight allowance: 1.5 tonnes

£314.99 £150 – £250



As you can see, it's possible to save up to 50% on Hippo bag collection with a waste carrier. There are also a few more advantages to this removal solution:


Prohibited items and filling your bag

The table provides a weight allowance and dimensions for each size hippo bag. If Hippowaste collect your bag, you aren't allowed to overfill it or exceed the maximum weight. With a private waste carrier, it doesn't matter how stuffed full the bag is or how heavy.

Hippowaste also have restrictions on certain items. They cannot accept the following, whereas a man & van company can take:

  • Electrical appliances (large or small)
  • Food waste
  • Big (ie. very heavy) tree roots
  • Mattresses
  • Tyres
  • Paint
  • Cement
  • Sawdust
  • Gypsum
  • Pianos

Please bear in mind that you shouldn't put hazardous waste in the bag under any circumstances. This includes animal waste, asbestos, batteries, clinical waste, explosives, fluorescent tubes, gas bottles, liquid waste, oily rags/motor parts, sodium lamps, and toxic substances. We have an in-depth article for more info on what you can put in a hippo bag.


Convenience & speed

According to Hippowaste, they aim to collect within 5 working days of booking. On the other hand, waste carriers can respond much faster, sometimes on the same day. Something to consider if you need an urgent collection or just want your waste cleared quickly.

Furthermore, Hippowaste uses crane lorries to lift filled Hippo bags onto their trucks. This means that Hippobags must be left near the road (and therefore loaded there too, since they’d be too heavy to drag). Waste collectors load items directly into their vans, so it doesn't matter where you load and leave it. They can also leave you with the bag afterwards.


How to find a licensed waste collector for Hippo bag waste

When looking for a waste carrier, it’s important to check that they are licensed with the Environment Agency. Sadly, it’s very common in the industry for cowboy collectors to get paid for disposal only to go and dump the waste in a ditch or field somewhere. This is called fly tipping and if traced back to you, comes with a hefty fine. 

The easiest way to find a fully licensed and insured waste carrier is to use the LoveJunk marketplace.. All collectors on the platform have been vetted. You can check reviews and ratings before agreeing to the job. LoveJunk is widely recommended by councils as an alternative to their bulky waste collection service (which often doesn’t collect DIY type waste).


Example man & van hippo bag waste removal prices

Here are some recent Hippo bag collections that happened on the LoveJunk marketplace. To receive an accurate quote for your own waste, all you need to do is post a listing. It's no obligation, so you can cancel any time if you prefer.

Bathroom 4.5yds, £150

Hippowaste Midibag £100

Megabag, £100

Beebag £85

Hippowaste Megabag £90

Hippobag of soil, £120

Skip bag of wood, £100

3 Skip bags with earth, £200

Hippobag of bulky items, £160

Megabag full of rubble, £160

Bathroom rip-out, £80

Bathroom refurb waste, £200

DIY waste, £160

Megabag of rubble, £135

2 skip bags, £70


2. Hippo bag discount codes

If you’d like to use Hippowaste for collection, then here’s some discount codes to help you save some money! Hippowaste has a newsletter that usually includes discount codes. You can sign up for it on their website. Or, some websites you could use:


Finally, thanks for reading!

We hope you found this article about how to get a Hippo bag collected useful. Check out our Rubbish Removal Prices comparison tool to see how much it costs to dispose of other types of waste. You may also like:


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