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Bulky waste collection Windsor, Maidenhead & Surrey – guide for residents

24 April 2021

If you need to get rid of some bulky waste collected (like a sofa, washing machine, old carpet, DIY waste, or bulky garden rubbish) and live in the Windsor, Maidenhead and Surrey area, then the easiest and quickest solution is to use LoveJunk. It finds your cheapest licensed man & van or reuse organisation in a few minutes and is free to use. But if you’ve got some more time and want to do a bit of homework, then this article covers everything you wanted to know about the options for disposing of bulky waste and junk in the Surrey, Windsor & Maidenhead area. 


  1. Pass it on for Reuse
  2. Council bulky waste service
  3. Take it to your local tip
  4. Hire a Skip (or use a hippo bag)
  5. Man & van rubbish contractor


  1. Reuse – donate or sell – in Surrey, Windsor & Maidenhead


The best method of disposing of anything you no longer want is to give it to somebody else to be reused – either through sale or donation.  Obviously, this option is only available for things that can genuinely be reused. So, if you’ve got a big pile of builders rubble to get rid of, then you can skip (no pun intended) this section.  But, assuming you have for example a nice sofa or chest of drawers – then it’s definitely worth seeing if there is someone out there who would like to take it off your hands and keep it from being destroyed.  

The key to reuse though is to focus on the outcome rather than the value. Just because you paid £x for it many years ago and/or the item in question has many fond memories for you – the new owner is just thinking is it clean, working and how much? 

Sites like eBay, Gumtree, Facebook marketplace and Shpock are all great for selling things of real value. Freegle and Freeecycle are for when you’re not looking to make money.  Here are links to their local chapters.  

However, all of these online marketplaces require a degree of effort and time on your part, because they involve not only creating a listing, but also dealing with questions and interactions of potential purchasers / donees.  Note – this is definitely not the case with LoveJunk, where no collector can ask questions until a price is agreed and a match is made. The only difference is that with LoveJunk you have to pay a minimum of £10, regardless of how good the item is.  So it’s better suited for reusables that you’ve tried to sell unsuccessfully or where you’re happy to donate but don’t want to spend days sorting the whole thing out and would prefer just to get it gone quickly today.


kingston community furniture

Another route is to donate your item to a local charity or social enterprise that specialises in reuse.  Below is a list of local reuse organisations in the Windsor and Surrey area that either resell or give items directly to people in need.  Note these businesses cannot accept any sort of upholstered furniture without a EU fire safety label.



  1. Council bulky waste collection service in Surrey, Windsor & Maidenhead areas


If you can’t donate or sell your junk, then you’re going to have to dispose of it, and a popular route is to use your local council. All councils offer householders (not businesses) a bulky or special item waste collection service alongside the scheduled domestic refuse collection.  The service does take longer and is less flexible (typical wait time is at least a week and often several weeks) in comparison with private waste removal companies and is limited to non-DIY waste. So if time is of the essence or your junk includes lots of messy rubbish from your garden or home improvement, then you’ll need to consider other options. 

Below are the prices councils in Windsor, Maidenhead and Surrey areas for collection of a single bulky item (eg. sofa, mattress or fridge) or a combination of all three.

Local authority Single Combo Suspended
Elmbridge £30 £50
Epsom and Ewell £41 £41
Guildford £34 £57
Mole Valley £41 £62
Reigate and Banstead £30 £76
Runnymede £44 £44
Spelthorne £50 £50
Surrey Heath £30 £50
Tandridge £33 £66
Waverley £34 £57
Windsor and Maidenhead £34 £46 x
Woking £30 £50

Note that Windsor and Maidenhead council’s bulky waste service is currently suspended.  

For more help on the council’s bulky waste services, check out our ultimate guide.



  1. Drive to your local HWRC


Assuming you have a car and can fit your junk in it and have the time and muscles to do it, then you can always take bulky rubbish to your local tip (aka HWRC (Household Waste Recycling Centre) or a Civic Amenity site) and dispose of it for free.   

map of civic amenity hwrc the tip in surrey maidenhead and windsor

View CA Sites in Surrey, Windsor & Maidenhead in a full screen map

There are a couple of things to consider if you want to use the tip.  It’s best to visit when it’s less busy, otherwise you may end up stuck in a queue for a while.  The best times to go are on a weekday if possible as weekends are the most busy.  Another thing to consider is that some HWRC’s require you to book a slot or bring proof of residence/identification so it’s always double check online beforehand.  

Lastly, hire vans usually aren’t permitted at tips – because they are considered ‘trade’, and the tip is free for householders but not for trade, who have to pay to dispose of waste as part of their business.  So, if you can’t fit all your stuff in the car, you’ll just need to do a couple of trips or engage a waste contractor instead.

picture of skip for hire


  1. Skip hire in Surrey region


If you’ve got a large amount of rubbish, particularly if it contains a significant proportion of heavy, messy material like soil, bricks, rubble, sand, carpet tiles, or ceramic tiles – then you could hire a skip.  

Skips come in a range of sizes, but the most popular for domestic jobs is a 6 cubic yard builder skip. Btw, don’t ask us why skip companies still talk about cubic yards, they just do – but a 6 yarder is the skip size we’re all used to seeing in residential roads that takes up a space about the size of a small car.

According to our research, the average cost of hiring a 6 yard builders skip located off road (ie. on your driveway) in the Surrey and Windsor areas is around £270 -£280 including VAT

Additional charges apply if the skip is located in the road. You will need a skip permit – which costs £80 (for the first week, and £23 for every week after) from the council and if it’s a Controlled Parking Zone, possibly also parking suspension fees.  Note normally the skip operator organises these extra and adds it to your bill.


Here is a list of skip companies that cover the area:  

Fowles Haulage Fowles Haulage
Chessington Skip Hire Elmbridge Midi Skips
Savetime Skip Company Weybridge Skip Hire
Taurus Waste Fox & Vixens Skip Hire
A & J Skips All Waste ‘Berks’ Ltd
Lanza Group Simpsons Skip Hire
Aymer Transport Builder & Skip Hire Five Rivers Haulage Ltd
Langley Skip Hire Ltd Peter Norris (Haulage) Limited
P G Tippers Skip & Grab Hire Bromley & Kent Skip Hire
Curley Skip Hire Ltd LMD Skip & Grab Hire Ltd
Skip Sack Ltd Woodside Containers
777 Demolition & Haulage Co. Ltd Henry Woods Waste Management Ltd
Leonard Skips 20/20 Recycling
Chamber Waste Management PLC John Gunner & Co. Ltd
R Collard Reston Skip Hire
J & J Franks R & S Skips
Cox Skips  


There are different pros and cons to hiring a skip:

  • Pros – good to contain very messy DIY/trade waste, jobs where you’re generating waste as you go, no real weight restrictions (whereas man & van normally limited to 1 tonne be load)
  • Cons – expensive, other people chuck their rubbish in it when you’re not watching!, waiting times for delivery/organising permits, prohibited items

If you have smaller amounts of very heavy waste, an alternative is a hippo bag collection, particularly if you don’t think you have enough waste to fill a skip. Hippo bags come in three sizes (1 yard, 1.5 yard and 4.5 yard). For more info read our Hippo Bag & Alternative Guide.



  1. Man & van rubbish waste contractor

For most bulky waste and junk, the cheapest and easiest option (whether you are in Surrey, Maidenhead, Windsor or anywhere else for that matter!) is to use a licensed man and van rubbish removal team.  There are lots of people with vans who operate in this area but it’s obviously very important that you only use a legitimate one, rather than a cowboy. 

The price of man and van rubbish removal varies depending on the size and type of your waste, if it’s reusable, location and how urgently you need the waste removed.  For guidance on how much it will cost, check out our price gallery showing a range of different bulky waste items and their prices for junk removal.

LoveJunk is definitely the simplest way to find your cheapest available one.  Just create a free listing and you’ll typically find a match within a few minutes at a great price. Download the app or use our web booking form.


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