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About Us

25 August 2020


LoveJunk is a marketplace for waste removal. We match customers to collectors, enable payment, and document disposal.  By leveraging proximity savings, underutilised capacity, and image based dynamic pricing we reduce distance driven per collection, maximise resource efficiency, save people time, reduce prices and improve material recovery and reuse.


Create a LoveJunk listing. It’s free to do and takes seconds. A few photos, a quick description and when you want it collected. Nearby collectors vetted by LoveJunk compete to collect. Choose the best offer. Once a match is agreed, the collector does the pickup and payment for the collection is processed via the app.  LoveJunk ensures waste collectors are properly licensed and insured and that waste is disposed of at appropriately permitted disposal facilities.


Waste removal is an opaque, supplier led and logistically inefficient market where customers regularly overpay, collectors drive unnecessary miles, recoverable material ends up destroyed, and illegal operators still flourish. We want to get rid of all of that rubbish and clean up the waste removal business.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to make waste removal cheaper, faster and greener.

Our vision is to be the marketplace for all waste removal.


We are a group of sustainability lovers and technologists from all around the world.

LoveJunk's founder and CEO is Jason Mohr. A former Rothschild investment banker, Jason previously founded AnyJunk, a waste management company and provider of enterprise software that was voted Best UK Business by the British Chambers of Commerce.

Our COO is Milena Montesinos. Milena previously worked at Uber. She has a MBA from Stanford and was a management consultant with McKinsey.

In 2021, LoveJunk received growth funding from one of the world's largest waste management companies, Biffa plc.

LoveJunk is the trading name of Lovejunk Limited. Our registered address is 9 Felsham Road, London SW15 1AX and company registration number is 12641139.



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