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About Us

25 August 2020


LoveJunk is an online marketplace designed to match people who want to get rid of junk to the nearest licensed waste carrier or reuser with capacity to collect it.  We promote proximity to reduce carbon footprint of pickup. We simplify process and payment to remove hassle and inefficiency. We provide a visual gallery to enable price benchmarking and greater reuse.


Create a LoveJunk listing. It’s free to do and only takes a minute. A few photos, a quick description, whether it can be reused, and the price you want to pay for it to be removed. Nearby collectors registered on the platform can claim your listing at that price or offer an alternative. Nearby reusers can offer to collect it for free. Once a match is agreed, the collector or reuser does the pickup and payment for the collection is via the app.  LoveJunk ensures waste collectors are properly licensed and insured and that only verified disposal facilities used.


Unscheduled bulky waste collection is an opaque and inefficient market where customers regularly overpay, collectors drive unnecessary miles, reusable items end up being destroyed, and illegal operators continue to flourish. We want to get rid of all of that rubbish and clean up the junk removal business.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to make rubbish clearance cheaper, faster and greener.

Our vision is to be the button you press to get rid of anything too big for the bin.


We are a group of sustainability lovers from all around the world. We are a spin out in 2020 of tech waste business, AnyJunk. We received seed funding in 2021 from leading sustainable waste management company Biffa plc. Here are a few of the organisations where we have studied and for whom we have worked in the past.



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