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Top mattress collection queries

Will my mattress be reused? Hopefully yes, if it is in good condition. Make sure your photos are as clear as possible, showing the brand and size, so collectors can make a proper assessment.

How much does it cost? The cost of your mattress collection will depend on the size and condition of your mattress, when and from where you require it collected. LoveJunk is a marketplace, so the price is driven by demand and supplly. £10-£40 is typical if the mattress is not removed as part of a larger collection.

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Helping clean up the rubbish business

We make rubbish clearance cheaper, safer and more sustainable by connecting to nearby licensed collectors and providing a visual marketplace to facilitate reuse and enable dynamic pricing.

The more people who use LoveJunk, the more efficient the marketplace. That means lower prices and less miles (and C02 emissions) per collection. So please spread the word!! 

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