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What Collection Price should I offer?

It’s up to you! A price range estimate appears as you create a listing based on your job’s type and size, but you can offer whatever price you like. If a collector likes your offered price, they accept. If not, they counter offer (shown orange in the App’s job home gallery) a higher price. If you’re in a rush, offering a price at the top end of the price estimate is likely to lead to a match in seconds.  Offering towards the low end is more likely to result in a counter offer. Click for more detailed Price Guidance


Does the collection price include VAT?

The price includes VAT if the collector that accepts your job is VAT registered. Most collectors on LoveJunk are VAT registered, so most of the time the price will include VAT.  If applicable, VAT will show in counter offer notifications and your final receipt.


How quickly is a listing responded to?

Clearly described listings with good photos are typically claimed by a collector or receive a counter offer in less than 3 minutes. Slower response times are usually because your photos or description are unclear or the collection time unusual. 


What if no collector claims my job?

If no collector claims your listing and any counter offers you have received are above what you’re prepared to pay, then consider increasing the price. You can do this by tapping the Increase Price button in your listing. If you do not increase the price and no collector claims your job before the start of your specified collection time slot, your listing will lapse. You will not be charged. 


Can I cancel my listing after I have posted it live?

Yes. You can cancel your listing any time before it is matched to a collector.  If you wish to rearrange a collection after that point, please contact your collector directly.


Can I change the price or edit my listing after I have posted it live?

A button in the listing allows you to increase your Offer price to make it more attractive to collectors. Any price increase sends out a new notification to nearby collectors about your job and revised price. If you wish to edit any other part of a listing before it has been claimed by a collector, just cancel the listing entirely (you will not be charged) using the Cancel button and create a new one with revised details.


Does it cost money to list a job on LoveJunk? 

No. There is no charge to list a job on LoveJunk. Our marketplace commission (which includes card processing fees) is deducted from the amount paid to the collector.


Are collectors licensed and insured?

Yes. Every collector (including the reuse organisations) using the LoveJunk platform is registered with the Environment Agency as a licensed waste carrier and insured.


If the junk isn’t reused, how much is recycled?

On average over 95% of waste collected through our platform avoids landfill. Exact recycling % depends on your junk and the disposal facility used by your collector and is shown on the waste documentation provided after your collection.


What waste materials cannot be collected?

LoveJunk platform is for non-hazardous waste materials only. Click here to see which materials cannot be collected through the LoveJunk pltaform.


What postcodes do you cover?

LoveJunk is currently available in Greater London.


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For questions not covered by our detailed FAQs – please email [email protected].