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What Collection Price should I offer when I create my listing?

The typical price range for your job type and size appears as you create a listing. Offer top of the range to get matched in seconds. Offer towards the bottom of the range if you have time to receive Counter Offers and find the best deal available.


What Price should I expect to pay?

A price estimate range appears as you create a listing. Visit our Job Gallery and filter by junk type for prices of similar jobs to yours. Exact price depends on size and type of junk, ease of loading, pick up day and timeslot flexibility. For more info read our Detailed Price Guidance


What is a Counter Offer?

A Counter Offer is an offer from a collector to collect for a different price than you offered in the listing. Collectors can make Counter Offers any time before your collection is due but each must be cheaper than the last. Accept or ignore Counter Offers as you like, but please don’t take offence if an early one seems high. Just wait for a better one to come afterwards


How quickly is a new listing responded to?

Listings are normally claimed or receive Counter Offers within seconds. No response is usually because photos or description are unclear or inaccurate, your offer price is so low that collectors don’t take you seriously, or pickup time is very challenging (eg. Sun 22:00–00:00 and only listed Sunday afternoon). 


How do I get Matched?

A ‘match’ happens when a collector claims your listing for your offered collection price, or you accept a Counter Offer from a collector.


How do I get the Cheapest Price possible?

  • Choose a weekday pickup with AM, PM or Anytime timeslot
  • Place all the junk outside
  • Take very clear photos and a provide a detailed description
  • Wait as long as possible for Counter Offers – many collectors don’t know their routes days in advance and can only make their best counter offer a few hours before your pickup is due.


Can I change my offer price or edit my listing after it is live?

You can change your offer price any time using a button in the listing. This sends out a notification to nearby collectors with the revised price.

To edit anything else, just cancel the listing using the Cancel button (you will not be charged) and repost with revised details.


Can I cancel my listing after it is live?

You can cancel your listing any time before it is matched to a collector.  If you need to rearrange a collection after the job has been matched, please contact your collector directly.


What if no collector claims my job?

If no collector claims your listing and the best Counter Offer is above what you’re willing to pay, try increasing your offer price to stimulate collectors’ interest by tapping the Increase Price button in your listing. This sends out a new notification to collectors.

If no collector claims your job before the start of your specified collection time slot, the listing will lapse. You will not be charged and can easily repost, perhaps offering a clearer description or more flexible timeslot?


Does it cost money to use LoveJunk? 

No. There is no charge for you to use LoveJunk. Our marketplace commission (which includes card processing fees) is deducted from the amount paid to the collector.


Does the collection price include VAT?

The price includes VAT if the collector of your junk is VAT registered. Most collectors on LoveJunk are VAT registered, so most of the time the price will include VAT.  If applicable, VAT will show in Counter Offer notifications and your final receipt.


Are waste collectors licensed and insured?

Yes. Every collector using the LoveJunk platform is registered with the Environment Agency as a licensed waste carrier and insured to remove waste. We also verify their business address and bank details and check references before allowing them to join.


How much is reused?

Approximately 1 in 3 of LoveJunk listings marked as ‘reusable’ by customers end up being reused, instead of being destroyed.


How much is recycled?

On average over 97% of waste collected through our platform avoids landfill. Exact recycling % depends on your junk and the disposal facility used by your collector and is shown on the waste documentation provided after your collection.


Prohibited waste?

LoveJunk is for non-hazardous waste only. Click here to see which materials cannot be disposed of through this marketplace.


What postcodes do you cover?

Check our latest coverage by entering your postcode here


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For questions not covered by our detailed FAQs – please email [email protected].