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Ealing Rubbish Clearance & Bulky Waste Collection

2 March 2022

Rubbish Clearance & Bulky Waste Collection in Ealing

The ultimate guide to Ealing bulky waste collection and rubbish clearance. Whether you live in Acton, Ealing, Greenford, Hanwell, Northolt, Perivale or  Southall, we look at how best to dispose of rubbish or bulky junk (e.g. fridge, sofa, builders waste, mattress, rubble). We discuss which solutions are best for different types of junk, including:

  • Reuse options  
  • Council bulky waste collection service in Ealing
  • Man & van - with examples and prices 
  • Skip hire providers, skip hire prices and local skip permit fees
  • HWRCs / tips / civic amenity sites for Ealing residents 
  • Interesting rubbish statistics for Ealing council


1. Reuse options in Ealing

So, let's get started! Unless the item is beyond saving, the most cost-efficient and most eco-friendly way to dispose of something is to donate it for reuse. You can either give your stuff to someone within your network for free. Or, instead, you can find a local reuse charity. These charities will either give the items to someone in need or alternatively sell them and use the proceeds for their charitable cause. Also, it's important to remember that if you want to donate upholstered furniture to a charity, the item will need a fire safety certificate.

Donate to an Individual

Assuming no one wants what you are trying to get rid of, the simplest way to donate the item is to list it on LoveJunk and tick the 'reusable' box. This notifies reusers based in or around your location. The process is free and super easy.


Charities and organisations for Reuse in Ealing

Below is a list of local Ealing reuse charities within Acton, Ealing, Greenford, Hanwell, Northolt, Perivale and Southall. These organisations collect furniture and large working appliances for free. It's important to note that response times and service levels may vary for these organisations.

Reuse Orgs Address
BHF 13 Broadway, Greater, W13 9DA
Marys Living & Giving 2 The Grn, London W5 5DA
Princess Alice West Ealing 64a The Broadway, W13 0SU
YMCA shop 83 Broadway, London W13 9BP
Octavia Foundation 40 High St, London W5 5DB
Cancer Research 66 The Mall, London W5 5LS

The most common type of reusable is furniture, but you need fire labels intact to donate to charities. If you're out of options and need to get rid, check out Furniture Removal Ealing.


2. Council bulky item collection service in Ealing

Ealing council offers residents a collection service for bulky items. However, the service is not available to local businesses or tradespeople. Regarding the full details of Ealing's bulky waste collection service, including how to book, please see below.

Cost of Ealing council bulky waste collection service 

Charges for Ealing council bulky waste collection service: 

  • £40.00 to collect 1 - 8 items 
  • £25.00 per fridge/freezer

Additional information:

Response time:  typical wait times are 2 - 3 weeks

Concessions:  no concessions available 

Appliances:  will collect appliances 

DIY/ home improvement waste: DIY waste is not accepted

Garden waste: garden waste collections are not accepted

More details: despite this comprehensive list, for full details of Ealing's bulky waste collection service, click here


3. Use a private licensed man & van waste collectors

If you can't use the council bulky waste collection service or donate your item, you will most likely need a licensed man & van rubbish collector. 

The main differences between man and van waste collectors and the council's bulky collection service are the following three points. Firstly, speed is a significant factor. A private man and van waste collector can respond much faster than the council. Secondly is labour, as collectors will collect from inside or outside the home whereas the council only pick up from inside. Lastly, the types of waste accepted, as private waste collectors can take all kinds of junk, including rubble and garden waste.

Furthermore, the pricing for a private man and van collection depends on the type and amount of waste and when you need it removed. For many more examples of Ealing bulky waste collections with photos and prices, see the LoveJunk Rubbish Removal Price Gallery.


Cheapest bulky waste collector in Ealing

When looking for the easiest way to find the nearest and cheapest licensed man & van waste collector for your rubbish in Ealing, look no further! LoveJunk is the waste removal and junk reuse marketplace. Unlike others, we not only guarantee that all collectors are correctly licensed and insured but, in addition, provide full details of where your waste ends up and how much of it avoids going to landfills. That is why we are recommended so widely by councils. In addition, we make junk removal cheaper, safer and greener. Just tap the green button below! 



4. Examples of man & van collections & prices in Ealing

Tumble dryer, £20

2 bags of garden waste, £80

8 foot trampoline disposal, £35

Double mattress, £50

Sofa bed, £30

Mixed junk, £35

5. Skip hire in Ealing

Another means of Ealing rubbish clearance is skip hire. Skips are helpful if, for example, you have lots of cumbersome, messy waste and would like to contain it all in one place. But, unlike a man & van collection, you need to load the skip yourself, and the price is fixed regardless of how much you fill it. Skip hire is also significantly more expensive than using a man & van waste collector because of the permits and license fees on top. For a look at skip hire in greater detail, please read our Ultimate Guide to Skip Hire for more information.

Ealing skip hire companies 

In general, it is good to use a licensed skip hire company that serves your local area. Here are some of the local skip hire companies within the borough of Ealing.

Skip Hire Ealing
West London Skips
Easy Skip Hire Ealing
West Ealing Skips

Skip hire prices in Ealing

Below you'll find the typical skip hire prices (including VAT) for mixed general waste in Ealing but to clarify, these figures do not include skip permits or parking bay suspension fees.

Builder skip: 6 – 8 cubic yard skip @ £265 - £285

Maxi skip: 10 - 12 cubic yard skip @ £345 - £355

Skip Permits and Bay Suspensions 

If you want to place a skip on the road, you will definitely need a skip permit license and possibly a CPZ parking suspension. For more information regarding skip permits, take a look at our Guide to Skip Permits and Bay Suspensions.

Skip License Ealing: £50.00 per 14 days

CPZ Bay Suspension: £50.00 per day

Here is a link to the Ealing council website for skip permits: https://www.ealing.gov.uk/info/201152/


6. Council Tips in the Ealing area

If you have means of transport (and the muscle!), a cheap way to dispose of your bulky waste is by taking your junk to your local council tip. However, council tips are only available to residents, not businesses. Below, we have provided a map of council tips and civic amenity sites in the Ealing borough and some additional useful information. 

A map of Ealing tips

map of ealing

List of nearest household waste recycling centres for Ealing residents:

  • Greenford Reuse and Recycling Centre - Greenford Rd, Greenford, Middlesex UB6 9AP
  • Hours: Monday to Sunday, 8 am to 4 pm

Useful additional info:

  • Booking: Only cars, motorbikes and cyclists are permitted, pedestrian entries are prohibited. Up to two booking slots per household per week
  • Photo identification: Visitors must display a valid resident permit and ID on arrival which shows your Ealing address, such as a current UK photo-card driving license
  • Unloading: Site staff cannot help overall unless you have proof of a disability
  • Cars: Booking times for cars between 10 am and 4 pm each day
  • Vans: Van bookings must enter the site via the weighbridge due to height restrictions
  • Rules: DIY and Garden waste is accepted



7. Rubbish stats for Ealing

Ealing has a population of 340,341 people and is made up of seven areas: Acton, Ealing, Greenford, Hanwell, Northolt, Perivale and Southall. In 2021, there were 13,090 reported instances of fly-tipping in Ealing. This figure equates to 38 fly-tips per 1000 residents and 11 fly-tips per 100 households. And is based on 124,100 households. To see how Ealing compares, read our analysis of Fly-tipping in London and Fly tipping in England.

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