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Fridge freezer disposal

25 February 2021

Looking for advice on fridge disposal? Congratulations.  You've probably found the best article on the web about the topic. It covers the various ways you can dispose of an old fridge freezer, how easy each option is, and also how much they cost. It also provides some useful links to finding a trustworthy waste collection company and how to make sure you don't overpay.

1.  How to dispose of your old fridge freezer

  • Donate or sell it online

If your fridge is working and in good condition, the greenest and cheapest option is reuse. Other than searching for local reuse charities or giving an item to a friend, you'll find some great websites dedicated to promoting reuse. The most popular are Facebook Marketplace, Freecycle, Freegle, Gumtree, eBay and LoveJunk. 

  • Charity collection

Only if your fridge freezer is in excellent condition, you could try donating it to a local charity. The charity will collect for free and then either pass it on to a household that needs a fridge or sell it and use the proceeds to support their charitable cause. Please bear in  mind that charities are not there to provide cheap disposal of broken or poor condition items. They are looking for great quality things that other people will really want.  

  • Take it to your Civic Amenity Site / Council Tip

If you are a householder, you can dispose of your fridge at your household waste recycling centre (otherwise known as the local tip). As long as you have the means of transport and strength, it's a great and normally completely free way to dispose of your old appliances responsibly.
Note: Be sure to check in advance if your local tip accepts fridges because some don't, and a few charge a fee.

  • Use the Council bulky collection service for fridge diposal

Your local council provides fridge collection and recycling to all residents through its bulky waste collection service.
This service is not available to businesses. Charges for a fridge collection vary between councils; you can see how much your local council charges 

  • Pay a licensed Waste removal company 

Lastly, you can use a licensed waste removal company. An advantage of using a waste company is that they will collect faster than council bulky waste collection services and can pick up from anywhere on the property, including up several flights of stairs!

To see what licensed waste collectors charge for fridge disposal in your area, just create a free listing on LoveJunk. Nearby waste companies will send in quotes and you can compare their prices and ratings to decide the best one for you. The process only takes a few minutes and ensures you don't overpay. It's also obligation free. Scroll down to see example fridge freezer disposal jobs that happened through the LoveJunk waste removal marketplace. You can also find loads more priced examples here.


2. How much does fridge disposal cost?

The average cost charged by a waste company to collect and dispose of an old fridge freezer that cannot be reused is £50 to £120. Exact price depends on your fridge's size, its location and the urgency of the collection. Beware of anyone charging less than this because the actual costs of fridge disposal are relatively high, so lower prices suggest unsafe or improper fridge disposal. In other words, it will probably be fly-tipped!


3. Example fridge collections by waste companies

Below are real examples on the LoveJunk marketplace of prices paid to licensed waste carriers and reusers to remove and dispose of an old fridge from a property and dispose of it properly (or pass it on for reuse). The cost of fridge disposal near me will vary according to the fridge's size, condition, and location. Any job price with an asterisk means it includes VAT at 20%. This means that if you're a VAT registered business, you would have been able to reclaim this 20%.


Fridge freezer, £35

Large fridge disposal, £50

Medium fridge freezer, £30

Large fridge freezer, £40

Large fridge, £15

Broken fridge, £45

American fridge freezer, £80*

Fridge, £45

American fridge freezer , £75*

American fridge freezer, £75

Large fridge, £50

American fridge freezer, £60

Tall fridge, £50

Large fridge, £50

Fridge, £50

Wine fridge, £60

Fridge freezer, £65

American fridge freezer, £15

Tall fridge, £50

Large fridge freezer, £50

Fridge, £65

Fridge freezer, £20

Tall fridge, £40

Fridge, £40

Fridge freezer, £50

American fridge freezer, £50

Broken fridge, £45


4. Can you take your fridge to the tip?

Yes, almost every council tip will accept an old fridge freezer from a local householder. However, be sure to check first on your councul website abotu fridge disposal. Most take them free of charge. So, provided you have suitable transport, this is a great option.

We hope you've enjoyed our fridge disposal guide! There are many ways to get rid of your old fridge and remember the scrap fridge freezer prices for collection may vary but always ensure the waste carrier is properly licensed. The easiest solution is to take a photo and create a listing on LoveJunk.


5. What about using a skip?

If you are thinking of hiring a skip for your old fridge, think again! Due to their harmful toxic substances, fridges require a different kind of disposal. Unfortunately, this means skip companies don't allow them (and nor, for that matter, do Hippobags).


And Finally… 

If you’ve managed to read this far, you’re obviously a dedicated old fridge disposal enthusiast! So treat yourself by clicking here to view an interactive animation of the world’s largest fridge recycling plant in Newport, Wales. Trust me – it’s worth a look!


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