how to dispose of an old dishwasher

How to dispose of an old dishwasher

14 September 2021

5 ways to get rid of your old dishwasher responsibly and sustainably

Welcome to our how to dispose of an old dishwasher guide: the place to find all your dishwasher disposal options. This is assuming your dishwasher is beyond repair, and our guide covers all reuse, donation, sale and disposal options:

  1. Sell or donate your dishwasher
  2. Retailer take-back service
  3. Council bulky waste collection service
  4. Take your dishwasher to the tip
  5. Use a Man & Van waste team
  6. FAQs:
    1. Can you put your dishwasher in a skip?
    2. Can you put a dishwasher in a Hippobag / skip bag?


1. Sell or donate your dishwasher

If your dishwasher isn't completely caput, you can consider donating it to charity or selling to a used appliance dealer. Alternatively, a scrap metal collector will buy it for parts. We've broken down each option below:


a) Sell to a used appliance dealer

There are used appliance dealers who will buy your dishwasher in order to repair and resell it.  The best way to find a dealer near you is to google “used appliance dealer” with your city/town after it, i.e “used appliance dealer Lewisham”.  Alternatively, you could contact any local dealers you know in the area and see if they’re interested.

Please note: there is no sell option available on LoveJunk, but you may well get rid of it for free!



b) Scrap metal collectors

Dishwashers contain valuable metal parts that can be sold as scrap. Selling your dishwasher is not only a good way of getting it collected for free, but also making some extra cash. You could contact local scrap collectors and ask if they’re interested in picking it up. 

Note - it’s illegal for scrap metal collectors to offer you cash. They have to pay via bank transfer or cheque. Avoid any collectors offering cash for the collection!


c) Donate your dishwasher to charity

If your dishwasher is still in perfect working condition, you can try donating. Charities shops such as the British Heart Foundation accept dishwashers. Be sure to double-check that the charity shop you actually wants your white goods before turning up with it. Some charity shops may even come and collect it for you. 


d) Donate or sell online

Another option is to try the online world to find anybody who might want to buy or take your dishwasher. 

Online marketplaces are a great place to start.  You can list your items for free on websites such as LoveJunk, Freegle, Freecycle, Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace and eBay. Specify that you’d like the other person to do the collection so you don’t have to do any travelling yourself. 

dishwashers for sale on facebook marketplace



2. How to dispose of an old dishwasher with Retailer Take-Back Service

Retailers legally have to offer a take-back service for electrical waste, including dishwashers.  Stores have to take back waste that is the same type of item as the one customers are buying from the store, i.e if you buy a new dishwasher from John Lewis, they have to provide a dishwasher disposal take-back service for your old one too.  This is regardless of the brand or if you buy in-store, online or by mail order.

Take-back services are free but stores are allowed to charge transport fees if they’re picking up the item from the customer’s home. For example, here’s Curry’s take-back service:

currys take back service dishwasher currys takeback service retailer dishwasher


3. Council bulky waste collection service

Most councils offer a large item collection service which typically includes items like furniture and large appliances such as dishwashers. Charges vary up and down the country, starting as low as a free collection in certain areas all the way to £75 for a single item (Runnymede, looking at you!). 

Find out how to book via your local council's website. Typical wait times are between 1-2 weeks. Some councils offer concessions to eligible individuals.



4. Take your dishwasher to your local tip

Another free way to get rid of your dishwasher is to drive it to your local HWRC. You'll need to be able to transport it yourself in your car, as well as load and unload it (so maybe bring some extra muscle!). 

Double check if your nearest recycling centre requires any booking. If you live in London, we have a guide on London's rubbish tips & HWRCs, or you could check out our Interactive Recycling Centre Map.


5. Use a man & van waste collector to dispose of your dishwasher

A private waste carrier can take your dishwasher no matter what! This solution also offers the best response times and can remove your dishwasher from anywhere on your property.

The best way to find a collector for your old dishwasher is to use the LoveJunk marketplace. Post a picture of your dishwasher and receive quotes from nearby, fully licensed waste removal businesses (or reusers!). Choose the best quote, pay securely online and receive full documentation after collection. No fly tipping guaranteed, plus LoveJunk is widely recommended by councils.


How much do waste collectors charge to dispose of dishwashers?

The final cost depends on labour (how easy it is to get your dishwasher into the van i.e. if it needs removing or disconnecting first, this may cost more) and urgency. See LoveJunk's Rubbish Removal Prices comparison tool to see the most up to date appliance removal around the country, or see a few examples below.


Example dishwasher disposal costs


Dishwasher, £35

Dishwasher, £20

Integrated dishwasher, £40

Working dishwasher, £30

Operational dishwasher, £25

Integrated dishwasher, £35


FAQs about dishwasher disposal

Can you put a dishwasher in a skip?

Unfortunately no! Appliances and electrical equipment aren't allowed in skips (this includes fridges, washing machines and tumble dryers for example).


a clean dishwasher ready for disposal

Can you put a dishwasher in a Hippobag / skip bag?

ONLY if you hire an independent contractor to collect the skip bag. Hippowaste doesn't offer collection for any electrical appliances. 



Thanks for reading! We hope you found our how to dispose of an old dishwasher guide useful. For any further reading if you have more waste to get rid of, try our how to dispose of rubbish ultimate guide.


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