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Kitchen Installation Rubbish Removal

7 June 2020

Looking to dispose of the rubbbish waste from a new kitchen installation cheaply and responsibly?  Well here's a few ideas.

Kitchen Installation Rubbish - Definition

Here are the 5 main categories of waste that can arise from a kitchen installation:

  • Packaging waste – the material that is used to contain and protect the new units for purposes of delivery. In other words, cardboard boxes, plastic polystyrene & bubble wrap
  • Offcuts from the new kitchen  - wood, sawdust, MDF, tiles and tubes. In other words, the ends of wood, tiles & plastic that aren't used
  • Small Hazardous items - empty tubes, pots and cans of adhesive & silicone used in the construction and assembly
  • Old kitchen Ripout - units or carcasses, wall tiles, floor tiles, laminate flooring, sink, taps, sink, and appliances (so-called WEEE which stands for waste electrical and electronic equipment) like an integrated fridge, cooker, dishwasher or extractor hood
  • Waste from associated works carried out at the same time as the installation - rubble/ wall, flooring, windows & window frames.
  • Reusable packaging items that should not be disposed of – items like the so-called ‘pizza boxes’ used to protect kitchen marble tops are designed to be used again and again, and so although they arise on jobs, wherever possible should be set aside to be returned to the manufacturer


How much waste is there?

The amount of waste from an installation will vary depending on the size of kitchen being replaced and also whether the job is dry fit only (ie. no need to remove the existing kitchen) or involves additional works.

As a rough guide a regular installation which involves removal of the old kitchen at the same time as the waste from the dry fit (but excluding waste from any additional building works, like a new floor or kitchen extension), on average creates 600kg of waste which will take up around 7 cubic yards (6 cubic metres) in volume - basically enough for a standard builder skip or 1/2 to 3/4 of a tipper van.


Cheap solutions for kitchen installation waste disposal

There are essentially 4 ways to get rid of a kitchen installation waste

  1. Hire a skip - the typical skip for a standard kitchen is a builders skip (these are 6, 7 or 8 cubic yards) and cost around £250 - £300 (including VAT) or so depending on where you are in the country.  If the skip cannot be placed off road (ie. in your driveway), then you may well have to pay extra for a skip permit.  Skip permits are fees paid to the local councl for the privelege of having a skip on a public road.  In addition, if you have pay & display or resident parking, you will have to pay extra for this to be suspended. Yep... skips are pricey.  But they're good for putting all the rubbish in one place.
  2. Use a hippo bag - read our hippo bag guide for lots of background, but in essence a floppy, small skip.  Good for smaller, heavy kitchen waste jobs, but a bit of a faff for anything more substantial.
  3. Pay a man & van - the most flexible and cheapest solution, other than taking it to the local tip yourself. You can read lots of background in our man & van rubbish clearance guide. Expect to pay £100 - £200 (inc VAT) to have the equivalent of a skip load of rubbish removed, but make sure you use someone licensed and insured.  You can find your cheapest, nearest licensed collector here
  4. Take it to the local tip - pretty much speaks for itself. You pile all the rubbish into the back of your car (or hire one, but not a van because tips don't allow vans to tip for free) and ferry the kitchen rubbish down to the tip. Messy, sweaty and time-consuming....but free 🙂
  5. A bonus 5th option is to leave the problem entirely to the kitchen installer / company - assuming you are using one.  But they will essentially use one of the 4 options above, it's just that you won't have to worry about organising and paying for it directly.  Although on the other hand - it's likely to cost you a little more.


Examples of kitchen installation waste disposal on LoveJunk

You can use the LoveJunk marketplace to organise your kitchen installation waste disposal.  See below for previous jobs listed on the LoveJunk marketplace:


Old washing machine (£30)


Old kitchen removal (£160)


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