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Avoid cowboys, save time & money, and help reduce waste to landfill. Use LoveJunk for rubbish clearance.

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Responsible Disposal 

Anything collected through the LoveJunk marketplace is passed on for reuse or taken to a licensed commercial recycling facility. Full details appear in your job disposal docs after pick up.

On average 97% avoids going to landfill. Landfill diversion is steadily improving as more reusers join our platform and we work with collectors to build relationships with zero landfill disposal sites. 

Example collection prices (click for more!)

Armchair (£30)

Cardboard boxes (£20)

Bathroom removal (£60)

Garden cuttings (£30)

Hippo Megabag (£120)

Fridge (£15)

Bin full of waste (£20)

Sofa (£40)

How it works & What to pay

LoveJunk works a bit like an eBay but for rubbish clearance. Create a free listing with a price you’re willing to pay. Price guidance appears as you create your listing.

Nearby licensed collectors claim the job or counter offer a higher price if they think yours is too low. Ignore or accept their offers or increase your price to make it more attractive. The process continues until a deal is agreed. Seconds if you price high. Longer if you price low. It’s up to you.

Once you’ve been matched, the collector does the pickup. You pay them through the app and receive full disposal documentation.

Any sort of bulky waste, junk & rubbish

trade diy repairs waste graphic

Trade & DIY

household waste type graphic

Household Bulky

garden waste graphic

Garden Waste

bin clearance wheelie bin waste graphic

Bin Clearance

collage of rubbish to be diposed of rubbish removal and collection lovejunk

Top rubbish clearance questions

How much will my clearance cost? LoveJunk allows you to find the cheapest price available for the time you want your junk collecting. A guide price appears as you create your listing based on job size, rubbish type and time of day. The final price depends on what you agree More info

Will my junk be recycled or reused? It is either taken to licenced recycling facilities or passed on for reuse. On average over 97% by weight of rubbish avoids landfill. Full documentation appears after collection, including whether it was reused and, if not, name of disposal facility, license details and recycling %.

When do I pay? Payment is taken after collections via the app, once you confirm you’re entirely happy with the clearance.


Help cut Carbon Emissions

The world already has enough collectors and vehicles to pickup our bulky waste. The problem is they work independently – driving in a criss-cross spaghetti with each other, wasting time and fuel, and filling up our roads with traffic.

LoveJunk changes that. We help connect cutsomers to their nearest available collector. Which means shorter trips, lower prices and less carbon emissions.

lovejunks carbon footprint co2 emissions
rubbish bag, rubbish removal van, LoveJunk mission wording 'cheaper safer and greener waste disposal'

Join our Rubbish Mission 

On-demand junk removal is inefficient and largely unloved. Customers overpay, collectors drive wasted miles, perfectly reusable items are destroyed, and fly tipping continues. 

Our mission is to make rubbish clearance cheaper, faster and more sustainable through great tech and marketplace dynamics.

Help make this ‘rubbish mission’ a reality. Share LoveJunk with your friends and colleagues today.