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Take a couple of photos, set your price and list the junk. Find a licensed collector in minutes. Average response time is 50 seconds.

LoveJunk is the simple, low cost way to get rid of bulky waste. 

Getting Matched

Nearby waste collectors get notified when you post a listing. If your offered collection price is good, the job normally gets claimed in seconds. If not, you’ll start to receive counter offers for a higher price, which you can ignore or accept, or increase your own price a bit to see if a collector bites.  

The whole thing is as fast as you want to make it. Good prices lead to fast replies. If you go low to try to get a great bargain, it may take longer. There are over 100 collection vehicles in London alone on the platform, so capacity is not a problem.

Payment & Paperwork

Once the job has been matched, the collector arrives at the appointed time and removes your waste. Payment is taken from your card via the app after you confirm collection. 

Full waste docs (including waste transfer note, photos, end disposal site and recycling %) and a VAT receipt for the collection sit in the app, available for download whenever you require them.

Examples of trade waste collection prices

Rubble bags (£60)

Kitchen junk (£40)

Bathroom waste (£60)

Wood & rubble (£75)

Carpet underlay (£115)

Mixed builders waste (£150)

Renovation waste (£150)

Skip bag (£90)

two men carrying trade waste

Answers to common trade queries

  • Containment? Use bulk bags (these can be emptied and reused) or stack the waste on a tarpaulin 
  • Price? As an experienced tradesperson you’ll know what a reasonable price is. If you’re in a rush, offer a market rate. If you’ve got more time, offer a little lower and hopefully you’ll get a bargain!
  • Ordering before waste created? Use a photo of a similar sized job in the past that gives a fair representation of what your actual job will be.

What to do next

If you would like to try us out, all you need to do is find some waste and create a listing. It really is that easy. No big contract or complex set up process. Just click on the Green button and go!


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