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3 July 2024

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Amazing (5 stars)

by Vera M
I had found the app yesterday when looking to get rid of some cardboard boxes after moving to a new home. Downloaded the app yesterday and used it within just a 30 minute window. My offer was matched in 3 minutes, and the service was done by the same afternoon. Clean and simple, user-friendly app.


Great service at a fair price (5 stars)

by hoarder21
Used LoveJunk for the first time this week and was really pleased at the quick response and disposal of my bulky old sofa. The app is very simple and easy to use.. just take a photo of your “junk” upload it and quote the price you are happy to pay to have it collected and that’s it. I especially liked that all the collector’s Licence numbers are shown so you can be sure you are dealing with legitimate traders. My collector was friendly, fast and efficient and I was really happy with the service especially as the price was very fair. Would definitely use them again!


One of the best apps I’ve ever used (5 stars)

by Melikemmm
I came across this app by chance when I got some stuff to get rid off. They created a such a good platform as soon as I posted my stuff, within minutes I saw offers. It is user friendly, they show you the price ranges and suggest what the best way to get offers then you accept whatever suits you. I also saw the waste collector side of it, as LoveJunk makes sure they took a picture of your collected stuff,then it is our turn to process the payment after collection. Like in the title, it is one of the best apps I have ever used since 2005! Thanks a lot.


Super easy (5 stars)

by Gemma Elnaugh
Super easy to post a job, I got several responses within 2 hours and had my collection booked for the following day. Being able to pay through the app made things really straight forward and I’ll definitely be using LOVEJUNK next time I have things to get rid of.


Helpful (5 stars)

by James Cooper
I’ve been using this app for about a year for additional income doing waste collections. I’ve found the developers very open minded and helpful building a community of waste collectors across the UK.


Really useful app (5 stars)

by Christine Parkinson
Really useful app. It makes getting rid of rubbish very, very easy. It’s so nice to find an app that is straightforward and does exactly what you want.



Fantastic (5 stars)

by Chris Greene
Fantastic new service. Ripped out a bathroom, thinking how to legally dispose of. Online search suggested this app. Installed, easily posted my details, with photo’s, and had my “junk” removed at my convenience at a brilliant price. This app and service is a keeper.


Easy to use (5 stars)

by Roy Dunkin-Hughes
Was able to find a waste collector by posting a picture and a description, having them bid for the job and accepting the best price, communicate with them easily no fuss and all convenient. Easy to use app!


Simple & intutive (5 stars)

by Sanjeev Baga
Simple, intuitive and easy to use app, platform has loads of good traders on it, used it twice and its got me a match within an hour. Can’t fault it at all!!


Really useful app (5 stars)

by Tom Steemson
Getting the council to shift junk is a pretty tedious process, and it can take a long time for them to pick up. It’s obviously more expensive getting a third party to do the deed but the responses I had from the post I made to shift a bed where very fast. Agreed a price and a pickup date and time within minutes. The guy that did the deed was friendly and helpful too. In all, a great experience. Can definitely see myself using this service again in the future.


Great (5 stars)

by Adam Beall
Had a load of garden waste to get rid of. I just took a couple of photos… the app gave me a guide of how much to offer and within one hour it was all arranged. Collection was on time by a lovely polite man. Payment was easy to through the app. Recommend highly.


Very pleased (5 stars)

by Ravi Kataria
I really didn’t know what to expect from this app but gave it a go as I was desperate. And wow, that easy. Posted an ad for a mattress I needed to get rid of the same day and within minutes I had multiple offers from people to collect it. Very surprised it actually works and very pleased.


Brilliant (5 stars)

by Les Cook
Brilliant! Uploaded my junk 5mins after installing, within 20/30mins received acceptable offer, it was collected the day after! Super fast & effective! Much cheaper and more efficient than local council services. Couldn’t believe how simple & easy it all was! The collection guys were professional & friendly too. Had slight issue waiting for payment confirmation but was resolved shortly after the collection. All good. Happy to recommend this app.


Recommended (5 stars)

by David Butler
Really needed to get waste wood and tiles removed from our property quickly and efficiently and this was the way to go. We’d tried to reuse as much as we could, but some things do just have to go to the top. With no car and councils overstretched this was exactly what we needed. Recommending to anyone doing house renovation.


Really useful! (5 stars)

by Lizzie Wood
We were planning on getting a skip for 70 bags of rubble. Thought would post on the app just in case and it was picked up just a few hours later. It did work out more expensive than the skip, BUT was done with minimal effort on my part. No booking skip, being in for it being delivered and arranging it to be picked up. And most of all, we didn’t need to carry 70 bags of rubble up steps through the house. Very impressed.


Great experience (5 stars)

by Kristina Petrova
Great experience, I found a match very close to the offer I posted. Easy communication with the collector, he messaged me the ETA on the day of collection and he came at the exact time. Payment process was so easy!


Great service at a fair price! (5 stars)

by hoarder21
Used LoveJunk for the first time this week and was really pleased at the quick response and disposal of my bulky old sofa. The app is very simple and easy to use.. just take a photo of your “junk” upload it and quote the price you are happy to pay to have it collected and that’s it. I especially liked that all the collector’s Licence numbers are shown so you can be sure you are dealing with legitimate traders. My collector was friendly, fast and efficient and I was really happy with the service especially as the price was very fair. Would definitely use them again!


Straight forward and what I needed (5 stars)

by sammyball2020
The app is super simple to use. Posting a job is largely picture based so the key to getting accurate responses is clear and informative pictures of your job. Within minutes of posting, you’ll get offers and it takes no time at all to find the clearing price (pun intended) of your job with approved clearance teams. The team that collected my job were on time, efficient and courteous. Payment is dealt with through the app – the collector confirms the item(s) have been collected and through the app you agree to release payment. This took away the issue for me of not knowing the size skip I needed or having to deal with multiple firms directly. Will be reusing this platform again most certainly.


Cardboard removal for half the price (5 stars)

by Potap666
I had a ton of cardboard due to a recent moving. Posted a job for 60£ and got accepted immediately. Checked prior on other websites: prices ranges were 96-135£. Amazing app


Super efficient and easy (5 stars)

by THasan79
Needed to get rid of a random piece of furniture which had pieces missing and was just junk. Took less than 1 hour to find a price I was happy with, and just 1 further hour before it got picked up. Am very happy, will use them again!


Super easy, super quick (5 stars)

by Hbmm8901
This is such a well-run operation. Both parties have all details inputted beforehand so that negotiation, payment, and pick-up are so easy. It couldn’t be clearer and works so well – I had an old mattress which was picked up in 1 day and was given a timeframe by the collector so that it only sat outside the house for 2 minutes. So fab all round – highly recommend!


Really helpful (5 stars)

by aregnayar
Needed someone asap to help remove rubbish and furniture from a rental flat and found a great guy with a van who arrived the next day. Will definitely be using again 👍🏻


Great app! (5 stars)

by Percymonksherbourne
Worked a treat, clean and simple design. I had several offers before accepting one. He was professional, co-operative and polite. Will use again.


Useful and efficient (5 stars)

I’m glad I found this app. Within minutes of posting my job I had a couple of bids from various companies. I picked one of them, they came on time and removed all the junk very professionally. Very practical and efficient app!


Quick! (5 stars)

by BecksM1792
I took my chances and downloaded the app, put my item I wanted to be collected. Got a response and a price within 10 minutes. The item was taken within a few hours later. Gary who collected my sofa was really nice and professional. Definitely use this service if you are looking to get rid quickly!


ellessdee99 (5 stars)

I was so dubious about using this service but am utterly blown away by how easy it was. I had searched around online for ages looking for someone to collect my Xmas tree and eventually found this. Posted an ad feeling rather sceptical that it would work but within minutes I had been contacted and the tree was picked up within 12 hours without any problems at all. I am blown away and will absolutely use this service again. 5 stars!


Rose, London (5 stars)
We were moving house and parting ways with our old, ruined sofa. We accidentally left it to the last minute and couldn’t get a slot in the recycling centre or find someone desperate enough to take it on! We were really worried about what to do and thought we might lose some of our deposit for leaving bulky waste behind. Thankfully a Google search led us to Lovejunk. It’s like the uber of bulky waste! Quick, easy and completely hassle-free. It took minutes to set up the account, they didn’t ask for my whole life story – just a few necessary details. Listing the sofa was really easy and within a few hours, someone had said they could come and get it! We only spent £50 for pick up the next day. Cosmin was really friendly and communicative – giving us a slot for collection and ringing when he was 30 mins away. He was so efficient we didn’t even know it had gone until we looked outside! I actually can’t believe we found this. Saved us so much stress. I’ve already told everyone about it haha! Such an incredible and necessary app.


TF, London (5 stars)
I’d been stressing about getting my old mattress removed, assuming (since it was too big to remove myself but not enough to justify booking a removals co.) that I’d have to call the council, wait for a slot, be stuck with it for another 2 weeks, stay in all day etc Thankfully, the council (clearly a bit more modernised than me) linked me to LoveJunk and the process couldn’t have been simpler. I read the How To…, looked at a few other ads to see what the going rate was, and posted my ad. Less than an hour later, the mattress was gone. Happy to fully recommend them.


*trace10* (5 stars)
Posted my job on LoveJunk, within minutes I got a few responses. Simple easy to use site. Would definitely recommend and I will use it again.


Nickawk (5 stars)
I needed to vacate a property and still have furniture to remove. I posted a job in the evening for a next day 1-3 pm pickup. My initial price wasn’t accepted by anyone at first but in the morning of the pickup someone offered to do it for slightly above my offer. A few goes later they came. Job done. Very professional pickup! A last minute valuable service.


JHamel (5 stars)
Super smooth – take a photo of the stuff you want removed – add some written specifics regarding location and where you want it taken – seconds later price offer received. The removers arrived within a couple of hours and saved us the hassle. Very straight forward to use with excellent customer UX/UI. Highly recommended!


Shubedooo (5 stars)
Last night I received an offer to clear my rubbish within 3 minutes of posting a request. By the time I woke up it had all been cleared. This app has provided a clearing service that was faster and more reliable than both the council and the man with a van whom I was recommended. Well done


VvvxxxxVvv (5 stars)
This app is great! I had some stuff removed from my garden. Sorted with a very polite man that came the next day. I had a quote from someone else that was £100 more. I’m very happy with the service and will definitely use again if needed.


Rudeb (5 stars)
Service works really well, have used twice now to remove rubbish which had been collected within a day at a reasonable price.  More convenient than going to the dump.


VFabrizi (3 stars)
Just a note of caution, when you publish a job (listing) and it’s matched by any contractor, then it’s considered automatically accepted without further confirmation on the user’s side. The user gets no choice over which contractor to use.

Our response: Hi, very sorry for this. We will take a look at the FAQs and copy in the app to make it more clear. All collectors in the platform are licensed, insured, experienced and 5-star rated, so the one who provides the best quote or accepts your price is the one we prioritise, so that you don’t have to worry about vetting them (we do that for you)


Jenser1 (5 stars)
Quick and went smooth. Easy.


JLeBeero (5 stars)
Very quick and easy setup and within minutes had organised my “junk” being collected at a good price. Was stuck and did not know what to do with my old sofas so this was a very quick and affordable solution. Will use again and highly recommend to others.


DRobeson (5 stars)
First class service. Very quick response, polite, and cleaned up after. Will use again


LLaryea (5 stars)
Really cool app. Easy to use. Added my junk and someone met my price the next day! Would 100% recommend


Farn23 (5 stars)
Absoloutely brilliant app. I was searching for ages for the best removal deal and then found LoveJunk. Quick, smart and very reasonable. Will be using multiple times.


1798bpjr (5 stars)
Really handy app and a great idea for responsible waste removal – have used a couple of times for disposing of furniture/junk that was too big for the car or would’ve been costly to send to the tip. Quick response from collectors.

Only one occasion where the collector never showed up (no fault of the app, but maybe useful to have a system to flag to the app when collectors don’t show/a rating system to allow advertisers to choose a collector based on past reliability?), but easy enough to re-advertise and was collection within hours by the next one.


unknownukhti (5 stars)
I was trying to find a good place to have my unwanted furniture collected and I think that this app really does meet my expectations. The pricing was good and I didn’t have any problems with the collection. The app is easy to use.


HNewton (1 stars)
Makes you download the app and go through the process of creating a listing and only then tells you it isn’t in your area.  Waste of time.


RKiani (5 stars)
Great idea great app.  Been using this for a while now.  Definite 5 star.


AKinnane (5 stars)
Great service!


TDatt (4 stars)
Good experience. Would recommend Got my items collected really easily no hassle. App could make it easier to edit your live posts. would also be good to get more recommend quotations for collections…


ECooper (5 stars)
Oh my goodness! What a brilliant experience this was. Simple to use and within 15 minutes and a more than fair price I had arranged removal of a very tired sofa. Oliver who collected kept in contact arrived on time and was very polite throughout. I definitely recommend this app and have already passed on details to everyone I know.


RKumar (5 stars)
Great app


JElliott (1 stars)
I went through the full process of listing an item, only to be told right at the end that they do not operate in my area.  A huge waste of time.


RN1945 (5 stars)
I have used this app now several times with consistently positive experience.  The vendors have been totally responsive, prompt, professional, hard-working, and friendly.  I highly recommend ‘Love Junk’ – it’s a super service!


MrsWilmore (5 stars)
Matched within minutes and all completely seamless meaning I could get on with my day!


London 47621 (5 stars)
Got matched to a van within seconds. Seamless operation! Paid via the app with no problems. Will be first port of call for any future rubbish collection.


mcalps (5 stars)
My local council could only do a date weeks away and were more expensive. LoveJunk matched me with Andy in less time than it took me to complete my job posting for a kingsize mattress pickup. They even took the mattress topper I forgot to include! Highly recommend.


Kirst (5 stars)
The app made it very simple to arrange for my rubbish to be collected.


N_Lodge_1993 (5 stars)
Very simple and logical to use. After struggling to get independent quotes I found the LoveJunk app and managed to get my rubble collected quickly and easily. The collection itself was quick and efficient and the app took all the hassle away!


MBuhagiar (5 stars)
What a lovely app within 3 minutes of posting my sofas I had confirmed pickup price and the following day a lovely guy collected therm. Happy to recommend.


SWilby (5 stars)
Simple to use, and offers flooded in even on a weekend. Would be good to be able to book dates further in advance (as we needed to schedule around a planned delivery) but the week provided is more than enough for most jobs.


MartaW (5 stars)
So easy to use (as a seller), good experience, would recommend for sure


AFrayne (5 stars)
First time using the app and had several collectors bid in a very short time. So easy to use, no payment is taken until items are collected. Excellent idea, hope it grows nationwide.


PSingleton (5 stars)
App is very easy to use and a great way to recycle.


_timv_ (5 stars)
Extremely efficient, worked a treat for the dismantling and removal of an old shed. Posted advert, immediate response, next day collection.


Modernistic (5 stars)

I posted my first item and soon received interest. I was happy with my choice. The cost was accepted and collection was speedy. The chaps were pleasant. Will use LoveJunk again.


junkgone (5 stars)
Very efficient and reliable. Placed my job up and immediately had a counteroffer. I was so pleased with the guy that accepted the job came and completed the job. He turned up when he said he would and the job was completed in no time at all. Would definitely recommend and use this app and service again. Have been verbally telling everyone I know about it ☺️


Shivz789 (5 stars)
Met a really nice gentleman who I happened to use twice… as I had been trying to move and had a lot of rubbish that I needed to get rid of!

Be reasonable when you put your price as they need to make some money as well … some will quote you double your amount … just wait it out … they will bid themselves out and you might get a tradesman for your price liking. This app is new but I’m hoping it stays that way… usually all apps/ideas start this way until they get greedy for money but for now …👌🏼


H_zim (5 stars)
Found app after found out council had no appointments for next 2 months to remove sofa. Cost to remove more expensive than council but worked well. eBay concept of matching customer with removal supplier using auction style process to agree price.


MRobert18 (5 stars)
Quick post, followed by a quick reply and negotiation and all rubbish was sorted… just brilliant.


Blackwellfield (5 stars)
Put my pics up, great quote and picked up the next day – 10/10


Jimmy-James (5 stars)
Wasn’t too sure about this type of approach but the app worked well and connected me with a waste disposal service within minutes. Got a good offer – 25% lower than other websites and quotes – and collection was made the next day by friendly polite team who did all the work. – would recommend this… if you don’t get a match you don’t pay… you have nothing to lose, and all to gain.


Huw_ (5 stars)
Got a match on my job in 30 seconds, no hassle and had my sofa taken away the next morning – paid via Apple Pay. Great product.


RKiani (5 stars)
Great idea great app. Been using this for a while now install regarding this a 5 star


money0tree (5 stars)
Worked perfect for me and will use again!


AGarulli (5 stars)
Very useful indeed.


RGomes (5 stars)
The app works well and found a collector within minutes.  Highly recommend this app.


GFrasson (5 stars)
Easy to use. Very practical.


EAbellan (5 stars)
It was great.  On the same day I posted my sofa, I got counteroffers.  The company that picked it up was professional and came on time, no delays no hassle.  Such a great way of getting rid of unwanted stuff while helping others and the environment by reusing it.


MAkdogan (5 stars)
Very easy to use app and fast collection.


SFerretti (5 stars)
Terrific service, the app is easy to use. After 2 minutes since I posted a collector accepted my request and In 30 minutes I had my waste collected for a very good price (half price other companies asked me). Absolutely recommended.


SCarney (5 stars)
Alex and his colleague were amazing quick polite and very reasonable. I would recommend everyone to try them out. I have shared with all my friends and family. 10 out of 10 guys


JPatel (5 stars)
App was very easy to use the first time posting an ad. Had responses within an hour to take away some items.


CRabe (4 stars)
Good experience. Items collected without hassle from friendly user. The ui of the app could be a little better when listing items, but general process pretty hassle free.


85tashnc (5 stars)
Very easy to set up, and once I posted my job received responses almost immediately. The company who did my job, cost half the price than another company who gave me a quote … bargain! They were professional, notified me of when they were coming, got the job done. You pay via the app so everything is very easy. Would recommend using love junk!


MSarson (5 stars)
Had to get rubbish collected on a Sunday afternoon after being turned away from the tip. I was surprised by how quick and easy it was to get a collection booked. App is intuitive and easy to use.


SWood (5 stars)
Could not be better, I had 3 quotes in half an hour and arranged for next day collection, the guy collecting was prompt and professional. Great that you pay the agreed price through the app so no need to have cash ready.


JFerree (5 stars)
Unbelievably easy to arrange collection of my junk. The ad went live and I had someone within 5 minutes arrange a time and collection 3 days later. The junk I had sitting in the garage for 5 months was gone within 30 minutes of their arrival for less than it would have cost me to hire a van and take to the dump.


NRivett (5 stars)
Great service – such an easy app to use. We had heavy bulky items that we needed to dispose of at short notice. Uploaded the details and a collection was arranged within the hour at a reasonable price. The people that came to collect were very friendly and easy to deal with. Would definitely use this service again!


BSoup (5 stars)
Totally recommend this app – easy to use, and works really well. My rubbish was collected for a competitive price, by professional people and in a timely manner. I’ll totally be using LoveJunk for this kind of thing from now on!


Uredorho (5 stars)
I am refurbishing a house and I used the app for the first time this week to clear out some old wardrobes and cases. I read positive reviews online before trying this app out. I got a quote from a company I usually use for handy jobs and posted on the app for half the price. I got a response in less than a minute. We agreed a date a couple of days later. The 2 people who came by sent me a text 30 mins before to let me know they were on the way. They cleared my duff out in less than 30 mins. Transferred the payment as soon as they finished. Really pleased with how smooth efficient and cost effective the process was. Telling all my friends and family about this app.


AGBR-la (5 stars)
Used it to get rid of an old sofa. Fantastic service. Transparent, flexible and safe.


RKhatri (5 stars)
Amazing App definitely recommend it. Got my pictures up straight away for what I needed to be collected and within seconds I had someone willing to take it off my hands and very professional services when he came to collect it


BAsenguah (5 stars)
Easy booking and professional service


ANS18292 (5 stars)
My husband called up lots of waste collection companies and half of them didn’t respond and the other half quoted massive prices. I found Love Junk online and downloaded it. Within 5 mins I had an offer at under half the prices we had been quoted. He came the next day and I paid using Apple Pay. Couldn’t have been easier.


AJules (4 stars)
At 8 months pregnant, I was stumped on how to get rid of my old sofa…tried a dozen charities with no luck, and my council needed it taken to the curb. LoveJunk made it easy to post the listing; I had three offers within the hour, and someone collected it the very next day. The collectors were polite and worked like lightning, and paying them afterward took two clicks. I’ll use LoveJunk again in a heartbeat.


DWinters (5 stars)
I found this in the App Store, within 24 hours an ongoing issue was solved for a reasonable price. The collectors who removed my rubbish were extremely polite and professional and payment could not have been easier. I will be using this app again in future


Gnusjunkie (4 stars)
It is a great service and would happily recommend to others. The only thing that stops it being five stars was that bids for your job can be withdrawn by collectors but increasing your offer cannot. Some collectors played tactical silly games – like making a low offer and then withdrawing it soon after – which wasn’t fun. But the collector I eventually got was prompt and professional and the platform is simple to use and well laid out.

Our response: Hi, thank you so much for your feedback. Sad that was the case, we’ll keep an eye out to make sure that’s not a tactic they’re using but a mistake. Good to know though!


Atlascity (5 stars)
First time I used this service and I can say that am so pleased the way all was handled and most for the security of payment and I would truly recommend


SRLondon (5 stars)
Literally booked within seconds of posting and collected winning hours. Great app for connecting you with waste removers who put your unwanted stuff to good use.


CMC1985 (5 stars)
Fantastic service. Within 2 hours of posting the junk was gone. Gobsmacked by the speed! Perfect for someone, like me, who doesn’t have a car but wanted a whole load of crap removing!


GNitti (5 stars)
Easy to use and very prompt response from collectors. I’ve trimmed my bushes and there was lots of garden waste to dispose. You can offer what suits you and eventually make a deal. Makes London cleaner and gives new job opportunities


CKandangwa (5 stars)
Its a treasure find. Chucked my sofa and fridge the same day i posted the job. Driver was friendly and easy to talk to. Its a well done app. Word of advice (work out with the camera thingy)


TNewby (5 stars)
App was easy to use. I got two bids within an hour and collection happened within a day. Will use again.


RMenon (5 stars)
Very nice app.Had a nice and hassle free experience of removing old junk from my house .The rates are also pretty reasonable.The collectors are also nice and prompt .Overall a very good experience.


JGrigg (5 stars)
Fantastic find!!! Wow, how easy was that, needed a 3 seater settee collected for a price I was happy with. Within an hour the deal was closed. Great stuff!!


Dollhands (5 stars)
Posted a job and within seconds I had responses! Can’t rate this app high enough, certainly took away a lot of stress and worry for me! Doing an amazing job guys, keep up the good work!


Royboy1958 (1 star)
No idea how this works as the instructions are so poorly written. Maybe it isn’t particularly complicated, but without clear instructions I haven’t got a clue how it works!

Our response: Hi, I’m so sorry you found it complicated. I’d love to give you a call, get your feedback and explain how it works, please email [email protected] so that we can talk? Thank you so much, and sorry again!


RichardW (5 stars)
Great app and concept. Got some old plasterboard recovered in less than a day for a competitive price


MStrubel (5 stars)
Placed my furniture collection online. Got an offer within minutes and agreed a pickup time for the same day. Very easy to use


SIzzyG (5 stars)
Listed the furniture to be collected within mins. Response within five mins. Job done within an hour. Half the price quoted by a removal company. Job done. Love it!


Arsene4ever (5 stars)
I had post my queries on the app, and i received a good offers witch I accepted. The gentleman sent me a message straight away and he done the job on no time witch I was so pleased . Thank you so much! I will recommend to everybody to used the app for anything. It is safe, no spams, no worries about payments! Everything works perfectly! Well done!


AnotherReviewMan (5 stars)
Used this platform a few times so far. Both occasions it was a good experience.


JonG (4 stars)
The app itself caused me a few issues when trying to set up, especially around the post code, kept saying to enter correctly when it was. I take that to be teething problems. However, as for the concept and service itself; BRILLIANT. I posted my job, offered my price and within a few hours it had been taken away. It is so much easier than getting a skip, and a lot cheaper. Brilliant idea, service was excellent. Well worth having the app.


Gyhkls (5 stars)
I had a couch that needed removing. Within seconds of posting my listing, I got two collectors interested in this job. Eventually one matched the price I set, and it only took another few minutes to arrange the collection. On the day, the collectors were professional and efficient and everything was no fuss. Would highly recommend!


Jo****** (5 stars)
I posted a job to take up and dispose of carpets in two rooms after moving into a (very dirty) property. The job was accepted within about 60 seconds and the two people who came were very friendly, professional and efficient (they even brought a parcel up to my flat which had been left downstairs by Royal Mail!). Experience will, presumably, vary depending on who accepts the job, but couldn’t be happier with the service I received and have already recommended the app to others. Many thanks!


ChambersConcrete (5 stars)
Love the so well highly recommend and my junk has been collected on no time at all


Bsjydkjd (5 stars)
Really simple and easy to use App for getting rid of your rubbish. The process is straight forward and your up and running in seconds. We found we had responses straight away and our rubbish cleared the same day. Brilliant!!!


Wassupmyhappy (5 stars)
What a service – had some rubble I needed to clear and tried really hard to find somewhere to get rid of it. This app was recommended by Islington Council and is fantastic. Easy to use and quick service.


Teddies85 (5 stars)
Posted an ad in NW6 to have some old bamboo fencing disposed of and within 20 minutes it was gone. Super slick and easy. Could have hired a van and driven to the council waste centre, or booked a bulky collection from the council, but frankly both options came with a faff factor that Love Junk doesn’t. Will definitely use again.


CThompson (5 stars)
Love Junk was super easy to use. The platform is nice and neat, posted my add and within 2 days I got a decent price. Bids came in earlier than that but I chose to wait for one that was suitable.


Cassiya (5 stars)
I would definitely recommend Love Junk .This service is extremely professional & prompt. Communication was clear throughout & I was happy with how the furniture was removed from my bedroom.


NMetson (5 stars)
Excellent service! Put my job on the app, job accepted within ten minutes. Great communication and came as arranged. Will use again for sure! 😁


NNordstrom (5 stars)
Excellent app for waste solutions it’s good that this exists! highly recommended


SDat (5 stars)
Friendly, quick and easy to get any junk disposed of!


HelenMc79 (5 stars)
I would highly recommend using this service. It’s quick and easy to use. The chap who met my bid came early, worked hard and did an excellent job.


EnglishEccentric53 (4 stars)
Easy to arrange, you can negotiate a price and the best time for collection. Removed a large sofa for me and although there was a delay regarding the collection time arranged, I was happy on the whole and will certainly use again!


Ash2989 (5 stars)
Great idea – very convenient – exiting future for Love Junk!


OmarE (5 stars)
Very fast match up for jobs . Lovely service would recommend 👌


MAbbi (5 stars)
Good app, was able to dispose off my sofa’s quickly and at a reasonable price


ECello (5 stars)
Great app. An easy way of removing large items that don’t fit into your car.


SwLondonZone1 (5 stars)
Required the removal of a sofa on short notice. More cost efficient than using a council pickup service. Secured the removal within 10 minutes of posting. Pickup within 24 hours. Time slot down to 30 minutes. I do recommend this service.


HannahP2014 (5 stars)
Amazing service- super quick and affordable.


KatieK99 (5 stars)
Nice and simple process would recommend


SevSev88 (5 stars)
I had a bed and mattress that urgently needed to be collected, and the local council had no available dates for collection. Within 20 minutes of listing the items, I had a collection agreed. An hour later and the items were collected by a friendly person. I’m extremely happy with the service and have already recommended to friends!


JBroaders (5 stars)
Amazing app!


Zzzrhl (5 stars)
The app we all need ! Sorted my problem in a minute !!!!!


KKaz (5 stars)
Quick and easy

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