richmond bulky waste collection guide

Richmond bulky waste collection – Guide for Residents

5 October 2021

Richmond bulky waste collection guide: the ultimate guide for residents on how to dispose of things too big for the dustbin

If you're a Richmond resident and need to shift some bulky waste, this guide is for you.  We've covered everything you need to know about collection, reuse and disposal options in your local area.

  1. Pass it on for Reuse
  2. Use Richmond council's bulky waste collection service
  3. Take it to Townmead tip
  4. Hire a Skip or use a Hippobag
  5. Man & van waste contractor


  1. Pass it on for Reuse

The ideal way to dispose of your waste is to pass it on for reuse either through sale or donation.  Any item of furniture is deemed reusable provided someone else wants to take it off your hands.

There are some great sites that you can advertise your stuff either for free or for a price and can link you to someone who’s interested in your junk.  These are eBay, Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace and Nextdoor.

Another alternative is to donate your stuff to a local charity or enterprise that accepts furniture.  Below is a list of organisations that accept items in Richmond for resale or donate to people in need:

richmond furniture scheme



  1. Richmond council bulky waste service

If your junk isn’t good enough to sell or donate, your local council can help with the disposal.

Richmond council offer a bulky waste collection service for household items that are too big the the bin.  This doesn’t include the following: commercial or industrial waste, anything that can’t be safely lifted by two people, ink cartridges, construction/DIY waste (e.g. rubble), broken fluorescent light bulbs/tubes, garden waste, hazardous waste (e.g. paint and asbestos), motor vehicle parts or oil/liquids.  Richmond council also require you to book a separate collection for the disposal of fridges or freezers - you can book a collection for that here.

A bulky waste collection costs £62 and includes the removal of 5 items.  If you have more items to dispose of, it costs an extra £7.30 per item.  If you’re a resident over the age of 60, a collection of 5 items costs £20 and additional items cost £5.80 each.  Free collections are offered to those who qualify as low income.

Council collections typically take longer than private wast companies and are less flexible with pick-up times.  So, if you don’t have time to lose, we recommend considering some of the other options in this guide.


  1. Take it to your local tip 

Richmond has one HWRC in the area - Townmead Road Re-use and Recycling Centre.  The address is Townmead Rd, Richmond TW9 4EL and it's open from 8am-4pm Monday to Saturday and 9am-4pm on a Sunday.

townmead reuse and recycling centre

Townmead tip requires you to book a slot for your visit so make sure you don’t arrive without a slot or you may be turned away.  You’ll also need to bring a recent photo ID and utility bill with you as proof of residence.  When booking a slot online, you need to select the waste you’ll be disposing of - you can check the council website here for the list of waste you can and can’t dispose of.

There are a couple of important things to remember if you want to use the tip.  Firstly, to maximise your tip trip’s efficiency, it’s best to sort your waste into different categories before you get there.  An example of this would be to separate your bulky recyclables from your green waste.  This will make it much easier when you’re unloading the waste and taking it to the correct recycling areas.  

Another thing to consider is the time of day your slot is booked for - it’s a good idea to go when it’s not as busy as queue times will be shorter.  Weekdays are quieter than weekends.

Lastly, hire vans are allowed at Townmead HWRC, but if you arrive in one you’ll have to pay to dispose of your waste.  If you turn up in a car, disposal is free.

For more info on London HWRC's, click the following link here.


  1. Hire a skip or use a Hippobag

Another great way to dispose of your waste responsibly is to hire a skip or use a Hippobag.

Skips come in different sizes depending on how much waste you need to be removed, but the most popular size is the ‘builder skip’, which can hold up to 6 cubic yards of waste.

A skip is a great option if you have lots of heavy, messy waste or if you’re undertaking a house project where you’re generating waste as you go.  However, they are expensive and other people tend to chuck their waste in your skip when you’re not looking.  

If you don’t have enough waste to fill a skip, you could use a Hippobag or skip bag instead.  For more help on skip bag waste disposal, check out the following resources:


skip bag richmond

  1. Use a Man & Van waste contractor

The easiest and fastest way to dispose of your bulky waste is to hire a licensed man and van waste contractor. And the best place to find a your cheapest available one is LoveJunk.  LoveJunk is recommended by Richmond council here.

The cost of a man and van collection depends on the type of waste you have, the quantity and how soon you need the waste collected.  To get a rough idea of how much your collection would cost, check out our price gallery which shows different types of jobs and how much each disposal cost.

There are lots of man & van companies in Richmond, but it’s important to use one with a waste carriers license instead of a cowboy.  To find your nearest and cheapest licensed waste collector, just create a free listing on LoveJunk and wait for collectors to offer their best price (this typically happens within seconds!).  You can either download our app or use our web booking form to get started.


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