rubbish ready for Camden bulky waste collection including bikes and wood

Camden Bulky Waste Collection Guide

18 November 2021

Camden bulky waste collection guide: Save money & dispose of waste responsibly

If you're a resident of Camden and have some bulky household waste to shift, then the easiest and quickest solution is to use LoveJunk. It finds your cheapest licensed man & van or reuse organisation in a few minutes and is free to use. But if you’ve got some more time and want to do a bit of homework, this article covers everything you need to know about the options for rubbish removal in Camden.

What is considered bulky waste, and how to dispose of it?

Bulky waste includes any large unwanted household items such as sofas, mattresses, armchairs, refrigerators, ovens, and sinks. Discarded items that are too big to fit in your dustbin. Bulky waste collection is the process of safely removing these awkward sized items for your convenience.

Below, we cover all the available options for disposing of your bulky waste.

1. Pass it on for Reuse
2. Camden Council bulky waste collection service
3. Visit your local tip
4. Hire a skip or use a Hippobag
5. Use a recommended man & van waste contractor

1. Pass it on for Reuse

The most sustainable way to dispose of your bulky waste is to ensure items are resused through either sale or donation. This extends the life cycle of the item itself and benefits both people and the planet.

There are some great websites where you can either advertise your junk for free or link you to a collection service that will come and pick up your junk for a fee. These sites include eBay, Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace and Nextdoor.

Another alternative is to donate your bulky items to a local charity. Below is a comprehensive list of organisations that take items in Camden for resale or donate them to people in need:

garden table and four chairs £20

2. Camden rubbish clearance collection service

Due to driver shortages, Camden council have suspended their bulky waste collection services until further notice. Therefore, we recommend considering the following options for the removal of your bulky household waste.

3. Visit your local tip

The Regis Road Reuse and Recycling Centre in Camden is open for all residents who book. You can book a space for a minimum of 24 hours in advance and up to two weeks ahead. However, if you do not have a valid booking, you will be turned away.

There are a couple of essential things to remember about the Camden rubbish removal site. Firstly, there is a 1.85m height restriction barrier in use. Secondly, Due to covid restrictions, site staff will not be available to help with unloading, so it's vital that you can carry your items by yourself or with one other person assisting you. If you have a disability and can show proof of that disability, staff members will be able to help you on-site.

You can place any household waste or additional items which are not recyclable or suitable for reuse in the container marked 'General Waste'.

For a more efficient visit to the tip, it's best to sort your waste into different categories before you get there. An example of this would be to separate your bulky recyclables from your green waste.  Another thing to consider is the time of day you book your slot for. In general, weekdays are quieter than weekends. Lastly, van visits are required to make a booking at least 24 hours in advance and need proof of residency, such as a utility bill.

Materials accepted at this centre:
Aerosols, batteries, bikes, books, car batteries, cartons, clothes, cooking oil, expanded polystyrene, food tins and drinks cans, fridges and freezers, furniture, garden waste, hardcore and rubble, large electrical appliances, light bulbs, mattresses, mixed glass bottle and jars, mixed paper and card, mobile phones, paint, printer cartridges, scrap metal, small electrical appliances, soil and stones, TV's and monitors, used engine oil, woods and timber.

4. Hire a skip or use a Hippobag

Another good way to dispose of your bulky waste responsibly and efficiently is by hiring a skip or using a Hippobag.

Skips come in many different sizes depending on how much waste you need removed. There is a range of skip sizes available for hire in Camden.

Skip sizes and pricing

Some of the skip bin sizes and rough pricing can be found here:

Mini skips: 2-Yard and 3-Yard skips around £230.40

Midi skips: 4-Yard and 5-Yard skips around £247. 20

Builders skips: 6-Yard and 8-Yard skips around £261.60

Maxi skips: 10-Yard skips, 12-Yard skips around £355.20

Lockable skips are also available in various sizes in Camden and are perfect when you need to keep your waste safe or prevent other people from chucking their rubbish into your skip. The most popular size is the 'builder skip', holding up to 6 cubic yards of waste. The smallest skip can hold approximately 20 bin bags full of garbage and is commonly used for small domestic jobs such as garden work and DIY projects.

Here is a list of skip hire companies in the Camden area:

Skip Hire Camden
North London Skip Hire

Skip Permits and Bay Suspensions

Putting a skip on a public road requires a license. You don’t need one on private land. You need a parking suspension if you take up all or part of a parking space as you can’t put a skip on the pavement. In terms of the pricing of skip permits and bay suspensions, these need around 5 days’ notice and can only be sourced by a registered skip supplier. Individuals, residents and agents cannot apply. Some suppliers charge an admin fee in addition to arranging the permit. The only way of avoiding this is a ‘weight and load’ where the lorry waits with the skip and you are given around 20-30 mins to load.

Your parking bay suspension must last for the number of days the skip will remain on the road. You will need to provide the road and exact location of where you want to place the skip. For 1 days duration the day bay suspension charge would be £42.21 and for 2-5 days £46.42.

There are different pros and cons to hiring a skip:

  • Pros – good to contain very messy DIY/trade waste and no real weight restrictions.
  • Cons – expensive, other people chuck their rubbish in it when you’re not watching, waiting times for delivery and organising permits can be. a hassle.

If you have smaller amounts of very heavy waste, an alternative is a hippo bag collection, particularly if you don’t think you have enough waste to fill a skip. Hippo bags come in three sizes (1 yard, 1.5 Yard and 4.5 Yard). For more info read our Hippo Bag & Alternative Guide.

5. Use a recommended man & van waste contractor

The easiest and fastest way to dispose of your bulky waste is to hire a licensed man and van waste contractor. LoveJunk is a recommended app for cheap, licensed bulky waste removal. Camden council recommend us here.

The cost of a man and van collection depends on:

  • Type of waste
  • Quantity
  • How soon you need the waste collected

To get a rough idea of how much your collection would cost, check out our price gallery, which shows different types of jobs and how much each disposal cost.

man and van clearance compamny carrying rolled up carpet for carpet disposal


There are many options for rubbish clearance but the safest way is to use a man & van bulky waste collection contractor with a waste carriers license. LoveJunk is definitely the simplest way to find your cheapest available one.  Just create a free listing and you’ll typically find a match within a few minutes at a great price. Download the app or use our web booking form. What can we say, we love your junk!

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