Map of local household waste recycling centres and council tips in the UK

Recycling centre near me

3 February 2022

Find your nearest recycling centre - an interactive map UK with links

Looking for a recycling centre near me? If you want to find it in a click, then this blog post perfect. It provides an interactive map of where they all are. Plus a static map to give you an overall perspective. Finally, it provides links to detailed guides on many of the recycling centres themselves. With information like opening hours, what types of rubbish they take, and great, cheap local alternatives. Because sometimes a trip to the tip isn't easy or even possible.


How to use the map

You simply need to enter a postcode area in which you are interested into the Top Right Hand Corner Search Box of the map. This will open up a zoomed-in map showing nearby HWRCs. 

Interactive map UK recycling centre



Static Map 

map of Uk council rubbish tips

Source: LoveJunk used data published by Defra, Environment Agency, and Office for National Statistics 2022



Did you know this about your local council tip?

By the way, did you know that at last count there were 855 household waste recycling centres in the UK? Also, that a recycling centre is often called a civic amenity site, HRWC or council tip? Although they are all council facilities open to the public, most are managed by commercial organisations on the council's behalf. Well known waste management companies operating in the UK include Veolia, Suez and Biffa.


Local guides

Below are some region specific guides we've written. They have full details about what the local sites accept, opening hours, booking terms and more.


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