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Disposal of your old fridge is easy

1. Obligation free listing

Take a photo of your fridge freezer to create a listing.

2. Choose best quote

Licensed collectors and reusers bid to collect. Compare offers.

3. Pay after pickup

Pay securely online after the fridge freezer collection.

4. Green disposal

Fridge is reused or disposed at licensed recycling facilities.

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Our Responsible Disposal Guarantee

Permitted disposal sites only – the Enviroment Agency permit license of the disposal site used for your fridge freezer collection is detailed in your waste document

No flytipping cowboy collectors – the waste carrier license, identity, address, and insurance cover of every waste collector on LoveJunk has been verified

No cash allowed – payment is online via LoveJunk’s secure payment process after the collection is complete

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Dispose of your old fridge now!

Take a photo of your fridge freezer and create your obligation free listing. Nearby collectors and local reusers respond in seconds. Choose the best offer based on reviews and price. 

After collection, the payment and waste documentation is all via LoveJunk. Simple.

Download our 5 star rated App or use our online form.

Examples of fridge recycling prices

Fridge (£30)

Small fridge (£30)

Fridge freezer (£50)

Fridge (£50)

Top Fridge collection questions

Can my fridge be reused? If your fridge is in working order, clean and undamaged, then it’s likely to find a new home. To improve the chances, make sure you take clear photos and highlight in your listing that it can be reused. But please don’t be economical with the truth.  If the fridge is broken…it’s broken.

How much will it cost? The price for a fridge collection differs depending on size, condition and time of collection. The best way to find out is to list your fridge and see what collectors offer. More info on fridge disposal

Any bulky waste, not just fridges

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Trade & DIY

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Household Bulky

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Garden Waste

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Office Furniture

About Us

Bulk rubbish removal, including fridge recycling, is a bit ‘old school’. Lots of one or two van operators. Poor visibility about where the waste goes and if it’s recycled. Payment mostly by cash. 

We’re on a mission to make it more efficient, compliant and sustainable. Our marketplace helps reduce wasted miles, encourages reuse, ensures only licensed operators get used, and reduces the prices you pay. Not just for fridges but for all types of bulk waste. Please share LoveJunk with your friends and colleagues and help us make a difference.

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