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Sevenoaks Recycling Centre

25 October 2022

Recycling centre and rubbish tip information for Sevenoaks residents

Are you looking for information about the Sevenoaks recycling centre? This is the article for you. In this handy guide for householders, we cover full details about the Sevenoaks tip. This includes a map, opening hours, accepted and prohibited items, and more!



The address for the Sevenoaks recycling centre is Main Road, Dunbrik, Sundridge, TN14 6EP.


Location map of Sevenoaks recycling centre

location map sevenoaks recycling centre


Opening Hours

Monday - Saturday 08:00 - 16:30.

Sunday and Bank Holidays 09:00 - 16:00.


Contact Information

There's no general or customer service telephone number provided for the Sevenoaks site. The council encourages as much use of the website as possible. 


Booking required?

Yes, you have to reserve a time to access the site. Same day booking is available and you can book up to 1 month in advance. Keep hold of the confirmation email - you'll need it to get in. You can also print the confirmation out if that's easier. To cancel, there is a cancellation link at the bottom of your confirmation email. The site urges you to cancel your slot if you can't come because this frees up time for other people.

Book your slot here

If you can't book online for any reason, call 0300 041 73 73.


Site rules for Sevenoaks recycling centre

Each slot is 30 minutes. To enter the site, you'll need to bring proof of Kent residency (such as your driving license or a recent tax bill or utility bill with your address at the top). The booking process will also ask you for your vehicle make, model and registration. Make sure you come in the same car that you register. 


Vehicle access and restrictions

Vehicles fall into 3 categories: 

  • Permitted vehicles - standard cars.
  • Vehicles allowed with a voucher - these include disability adapted vehicles. Apply for vehicle vouchers here.
  • Restricted vehicles - vehicles not allowed on-site include ones heavier than 3.5 tonnes, over 2m in height and hire vans. 

Read a detailed description of vehicle terms and conditions here.

There is a 2 metre (6 ft 6 in) height barrier at the Sevenoaks recycling centre. It can be opened for disability adapted vehicles over 2m in height but not for vehicles taller than 2m because of roof racks. 



Items accepted at Sevenoaks tip

  • Asbestos* (see conditions below) 
  • Carpets
  • White goods, including fridges, freezers, washing machines, cookers, ovens, microwaves
  • Furniture including mattresses
  • Plasterboard
  • Rubble and hardcore
  • Garden waste
  • Electrical/ electronic items, including mobile phones, televisions and bulbs
  • Paint
  • Tyres 
  • Wood/ timber

To dispose of asbestos, these are the conditions:

  • Double bagged or wrapped in heavy duty plastic sheeting
  • Not sticking out from the packaging
  • No more than 10 x 5 ft/ 3 x 1.5m
  • Kept damp

Remember to be careful handling any asbestos. If in doubt, hire a professional to get it out of your house. 

If you're unsure about any items you need to get rid of, click here for an A-Z guide on accepted items.


Prohibited items

Items you can't bring to the recycling centre:

  • Bitumen-based products
  • Clinical waste
  • Household chemicals
  • Fuel products

To get rid of these things, you'll need to contact a specialist.



Other useful information

Remember to stay in your vehicle until you're unloading your waste because pedestrians aren't allowed on the premises. 

Height barriers can be opened if you are bringing bulky waste loaded onto a roof rack to the recycling centre (e.g. a piece of furniture). The centre will probably not open the barrier for many other cases. If your vehicle exceeds the height restriction because of an empty roof rack then the barrier will not be lifted. 

Let the staff know when you arrive if you need any help. They are able to assist if you are elderly or disabled. 


Reuse options

Unfortunately, there are no reuse points at the Sevenoaks recycling centre. However, for items that still have a lease of life, have a look at our article about Freecycle and Reuse in Sevenoaks for ideas. 


Google reviews of Sevenoaks recycling centre

Google reviews at the time of writing this post are 4 stars. People's main concern is the booking process.

sevenoaks recycling centre reviews



Thanks for reading! We hope you found answers to any questions about the recycling centre in Sevenoaks. If you're a householder from Sevenoaks, here's another article you might find useful:


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