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Tyseley Recycling Centre & Rubbish Tip

18 August 2022

Tyseley recycling centre information for Birmingham residents

Looking for info about Tyseley recycling centre?  Great... this is the guide for you. It's got full details about the James Road, Tyseley rubbish tip, including a map, address, opening hours, who can use the facility, which items are and are not accepted and lots more useful information to answer all your questions. 



The address of Tyseley recycling centre is James Road, Tyseley, B11 2BA.

tyseley recycling centre location on a map


Opening Hours

Tyseley Recycling Centre is open 7 days a week -  however,  opening hours change during the year:

  • April – October: Monday to Friday 8 - 8 and Saturday to Sunday 8 - 4:30
  • November – March: Monday to Friday 8 – 6 and Saturday to Sunday 8 – 4

The Recycling Centre shuts on Christmas Day and Boxing Day.


Booking required?

Yes, you need to book.

  • Cars + small trailers (under 6’x4’) book here
  • Vans + large trailers (over 6’x4’) click here

Come in the vehicle you registered online and bring proof of Birmingham residency. This can include driving licences, utility bills (digital or physical) and council tax bills (digital or physical).

Slots are 15 minutes. You can book 3 days in advance up to 2 hours before your slot time. Birmingham residents can make two bookings at the same time (either for the same day or the same week). The website is updated regularly so new slots become available every day.


Vehicle restrictions

There are different booking options for car or van. No pedestrians allowed.

Vehicles bringing trailers larger than 6’x4’ must book van slots. Furthermore, if the interior of your car is stripped, it is categorised as a van, and you must register it as so when booking a slot.

There is no height restriction at the Tyseley tip entrance. However, you are not allowed access to the site in a Luton van, cage van, tipper van or any vehicles weighing over 3500kg.



What can you bring to the Tyseley Recycling Centre?

  • Green garden waste and general waste
  • Car and household batteries
  • Cardboard, paper
  • Glass
  • Engine oil
  • Metal
  • Wood and wood-based products e.g., chipboard,
  • Fridges & freezers,
  • Bulky waste e.g. sofas
  • Carpets, textiles, and shoes
  • Electrical items such as TVs, mobile phones, and monitors.
  • Fluorescent tubes
  • Gas canisters – do not put these in the metals skip. Instead, ask the staff where the specific gas bottle area is.
  • Soil, hardcore and rubble up to 25kg.
  • Mattresses
  • Paint – bear in mind this is a household service only and you may not use the RePaint scheme if you are a business or trader.

Sort your waste out before to ensure the most efficient trips!


What can’t you bring to the Tyseley Recycling Centre?

  • Asbestos
  • Clinical waste
  • Tree trunks/ large branches
  • Birmingham Recycling Centres do not allow more than eight 25kg bags (or equivalent) per visit of rubble or soil, turf, or hardcore.
  • Trade waste (without specific bookings)


Trade waste

You can dispose of trade waste at Tyseley tip, but it is not free. For trade waste bookings, you can call 0203 567 3915 between 8 am – 4 pm Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays).

Time slots for this Trade Waste disposal service are available Monday to Friday (5 am-7 am, 11 am-12 pm and 2 pm-7 pm).

  • Businesses using the site, with a valid booking, will be charged a £78 fee to deposit waste at the site.
  • You cannot enter the Tyseley tip with vehicles over 3500kg



Other important information for your trip to Tyseley Recycling Centre

  • Pedestrians are not allowed.
  • Do not leave your car until it is correctly parked in a designated bay.
  • All children and pets must stay in the car. Children must ensure their seatbelts are kept fastened for the duration of the trip.
  • Do not use containers that block the gantry.


Tyseley Reuse Drop off area

The site partners with Community Reuse to provide a donation service. Use the donation area at Tyseley Recycling Centre for items that are in good enough condition to be useful to others. For example, household goods like furniture, electrical items, bicycles, Bric a Brac, garden tools and lawnmowers. However, be aware that the scheme sometimes limits what they accept based on demand. Call 0121 329 2797 to check what you can donate at the time of your visit.


Tyseley Energy Recovery Facility

Tyseley Energy Recovery Facility is a energy to waste plant located in Birmingham. It creates enegery from incinerating waste and operates 24 hours a day every week all year round. The facility is owned and managed by the the French utility company, Veolia Group. Built in 1996, it was designed by Faulks Perry Culley & Rech. It is well known for its striking 80 metre high chimney and how it is illuminated at night. Here's a photo.

birmingham energy recovery facility tyesley

source: commons.wikimedia


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