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Norwich Recycling Centre

8 November 2022

Recycling centre and rubbish tip information for Norwich residents

Are you looking for information about your local Norwich recycling centre? You’re in the right place. In this handy guide for householders you’ll find full details about both Norwich tips. The guide includes a map, opening hours, accepted items and more!



There are two recycling centres in the city centre:

Norwich North Recycling Centre: Horsham St Faith, Norwich NR10 3JX.

Norwich South Recycling Centre: Ipswich Rd, Norwich NR4 6FA.


Location map of Norwich recycling centre sites:

norwich recycling centre location map


Opening hours

Norwich's recycling centre opening hours vary throughout the year:

April 1st - September 30th: Monday - Sunday 09:00 - 17:00.

October 1st - March 31st: Monday - Sunday 09:00 - 16:00.

The recycling centres are open on bank holidays. They are closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.


Booking required?

You only need to book a slot to visit if you’re going on foot. Otherwise, no, you don’t need an appointment to visit a recycling centre. 

If you can’t come by car, book a visit by calling at least 2 days in advance. The phone number is 0344 800 8020. 



Items accepted at Norwich tips

Things you can dispose of at both Norwich recycling centre sites include:

  • Bicycles
  • Carpets
  • Christmas trees
  • Large electrical items - includes boilers, cookers/ ovens, dishwashers, fridges/ freezers, washing machines, tumble dryers and microwaves
  • Small electrical items - includes laptops, TVs, leads/ plugs
  • Furniture - free standing only (fitted furniture counts as DIY waste) 
  • Garden waste
  • Mattresses
  • Paint cans - MUST be empty
  • Scrap metal - from bikes, empty metal paint cans, sports equipment or radiators, for example
  • Wood - from benches, tables or chairs, for example

Note: you can dispose of DIY type waste but it costs. Use the Pay As You Throw service, which charges based on the amount you have to dispose of. Let the site staff know when you arrive that you have DIY waste and they’ll help you.

See Norfolk county’s A-Z list of items including terms and conditions for each here


Prohibited items

  • Fly-tipped items (you can only dispose of your own waste from your own household)
  • Dead animals or pet waste 
  • Hazardous waste (see below for hazardous waste disposal days)
  • Explosives
  • Fuel of any kind
  • Asbestos

To get rid of these items, you'll need to contact a private collector or a specialist. 


Trade and business waste?

Both Norwich recycling centre sites accept trade and business waste. This type of waste is from places like:

  • Commercial or trade businesses
  • Charities
  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Parish councils
  • Other community groups

You'll have to pay to dispose of trade and business waste. To see exactly what is and isn’t considered trade waste, as well as how trade waste disposal works, click here


Reuse options

Both of the Norwich recycling centre sites have reuse shops. Residents can donate unwanted items and buy pre-owned things for a low price. All proceeds go towards the Big C charity organisation.

As well as donated and pre-owned items, both reuse shops stock:

  • Bags of compost (made from recycled garden waste)
  • Compost bins
  • Winter gritting salt
  • Garden waste sacks

For more ideas on how to get rid of unwanted items for free, have a look at our Guide to Freecycle and Reuse in Norwich


Other information

You can check to see if any recycling centres are closed or closing soon using this link

Both recycling centres host annual hazardous waste disposal days (though usually hazardous waste is strictly prohibited). Check this page as the days vary each year. 

You may visit with your bike. Be prepared to wait with the other cars. Alternatively, call to arrange advance access on foot.


Google reviews of Norwich recycling centres

At last check, Norwich North has a 4.7 star rating while Norwich South has 4.8 stars. The main complaint seems to be the queueing. Try and go with plenty of time.

norwich north recycling centre review

norwich south recycling centre review



Thanks for reading! We hope this article has been useful. As a householder in Norwich, you might find this article useful: Guide to Rubbish Removal Norwich. 


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