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Skip Hire Prices and Permits – London Guide

12 January 2022

Skip Hire Prices London Guide

Skip hire prices London: How much should it cost to hire a skip in London? This guide looks at all factors that dictate the price of skip hire including skip location, sizes and permits specifically within the London area.

  1. Skip location
  2. Skip hire by London borough
  3. Skip permits and parking bay suspensions
  4. Duration of skip hire
  5. Skip hire size
  6. Prohibited and accepted waste in the skip
  7. How to save money on skip hire
  8. Alternatives to skip hire


Skip Hire Prices London

Skip hire prices vary, and to calculate, you will need to look at all the factors below that may affect the skip pricing. The average hire price in London for a 6-yard skip is £270 (incl VAT). These prices are for an off-road skip - not on the public highway.

1. Skip Location 

Your geographical location affects the skip hire price. For example, a skip costs around 50% more in London than in other parts of the UK. Another factor is whether the skip is off-road (on a private driveway, in a garden or a field) or on-road and therefore will need a council permit. For a more detailed look into skip hire prices in other parts of the UK please see our comprehensive guide.

2. Skip Hire Prices by London Borough

Below is a table of the average skip hire prices in every borough of London. The average hire price in London for a 6-yard skip is £270.

Skip hire prices London incl VAT

Borough of London 6 Yards 'Builders’ Skip
Barking & Dagenham £270
Barnet £270
Bexley £270
Brent £270
Bromley £270
Camden £270
City of London £270
Croydon £270
Ealing £270
Enfield £270
Greenwich £270
Hackney £270
Hammersmith & Fulham £270
Haringey £270
Harrow £270
Havering £270
Hillingdon £270
Hounslow £270
Islington £270
Kensington & Chelsea £270
Kingston upon Thames £270
Lambeth £270
Lewisham £270
Merton £270
Newham £270

Source: LoveJunk January 2022
1 Average London skip hire price (inc.VAT) for a 6-yard skip for mixed general waste 


3. Skip Permits & Parking Bay Suspensions 

The average skip permit price for London is £73. Skip permits exist to control how many skips are allowed on the road. There is no requirement for a permit if you put it on private land, such as your driveway, field or private road. But on-road skips require a permit from your local council. A skip permit typically lasts 1-2 weeks depending on the council and most councils allow for this initial period to be extended for an additional fee.

London Skip Permits Prices & Parking Bay Suspensions 

Skip permit council link Skip Permit Min. Permit Duration Parking Bay Suspension Parking suspension Duration
Barking & Dagenham £59.00 14 days £134.00 Per day
Barnet £57.46 14 days £45.00 Per day
Bexley £49.70 7 days £30.00 Per day
Brent £56.00 14 days £49.00 Per day
Bromley £39.00 14 days £20.00 Per day
Camden £58.16 14 days £42.21 Per day
City of London n/a
Croydon £66.00 14 days £40.00 Per day
Ealing £50.00 14 days £50.00 Unlimited
Enfield £75.00 14 days £15.80 Per day
Greenwich £61.00 28 days £51 Per day
Hackney £100.00 28 days £34.00 Per day
Hammersmith & Fulham £80.00 28 days £44 / £66 1st 5 days / Subsequent days
Haringey £87.45 28 days £26.35 Per day
Harrow £61.00 14 days £34.30 14 days
Havering £80.00 14 days £20.00 Per day
Hillingdon £51.50 14 days £31.00 Per day
Hounslow £90.45 14 days £52 Per day
Islington £98.00 Per month £66.50 Per day
Kingston £133.00 Per month £50.00 Per day
Lambeth £60.00 14 days £43.38 Per day
Lewisham £66.00 Per month £50.00 Per day
Merton £70.00 4 weeks £25.00 Per day
Newham £70.00 7 days £25.00 Per day
Redbridge £169.00 14 days £40.00 Per day
Richmond £75.00 21 days £41.00 Per day
Southwark £82.50 Per month £40.00 Per day
Sutton £81.93 14 days £55.00 Per day
Tower Hamlets £50.00 14 days £45.50 Per day
Waltham Forest £100.00 14 days £45.00 Per day
Wandsworth £37.60 14 days £37.00 Per day
Westminster £81.00 Per month £52.00 Per day

Source: LoveJunk January 2022


4. Duration of Skip Hire

The typical length of skip hire is between 7 and 14 days. You can hire a skip for longer but this may result in additional charges. 


5. Skip Hire Size

Skips sizes come 2 Yards, 4 Yards, 6 Yards, 8 Yards and 12 Yards. The 4-yard and the 6-yard skip and the most commonly hired for residential waste. Larger skips are more costly and hold a lot more weight. For further information on 4-yard skip hire please see our guide.

6. Waste Prohibited from Skips

The following items are prohibited from being disposed of in skips:


7. How to Save Money on Skip Hire

There are many ways in which you can save on skip price. Here are the top two ways:

  1. Be mindful of how much waste you have to dispose of, and be sure to hire the right sized skip. Hiring a skip that's too small will mean overloading the skip and too little, and you have paid for large a skip that you are not making full use of.
  2. Ensure that you know what is prohibited and accepted in a skip before hiring one. Please read our ultimate skip guide for a detailed look into what you can and cannot place in a skip.



8. Alternatives to skip hire

If you have bulky waste you need to dispose of, and you don't want to hire a skip, you have three options:

  1. Use a Hippobag then pay a local man & van rubbish clearance company to collect and empty it. If you are looking for a Hippo bag and would like to see what Hippo bag discount codes are available out there, see our complete guide hippo bag collection.
  2. Depending on the size and weight of the bulky waste you need to get rid of, you could take a trip to your local household waste recycling centre
  3. Use LoveJunk to find your cheapest (and closest!) available waste collector. Many councils recommend us. We also have a how to dispose of rubbish guide which is really useful for finding out all your rubbish disposal options.


Recent Bulky Waste Collections in London

Below are recent collections carried out via the LoveJunk marketplace. 

2 small rubble bags for waste collection London, £20

Old sofa for collection, £100

Wood, tiles & extractor fan for collection London, £150

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