Hippo Bag Discount Code – Find the Best Discounts Available Here

16 August 2021

Guide to Hippo bag discount codes and ways of saving money on a Hippo bag collection

Looking for a Hippo bag discount code?  Here are the most popular codes and discount websites where you can find them, as well as some extra suggestions on how to save money when using a Hippo bag.


  1. Discount codes
  2. Discount websites
  3. Other ways of saving money on Hippo bag collection


Hippo bag Discount codes

Popular codes are:

  • 15% off for the month – ‘[abbreviated month]15’ (eg. aug15)
  • 15% off Sitewide – SUNNY15
  • 20% off Megabag and Collection packages – MEGA20
  • 15% off Hippobag and Collection Package Orders – SPRING15
  • 15% off Megabag and Collection Packages – MEG15

Hippowaste also has a newsletter that usually includes discount codes. You can sign up for it on their website.



Discount websites

There are lots of websites that regularly update their page with the latest Hippo bag discount codes.  Here are a few with to try:


website showing hippo bag discount code



Other ways of saving money on Hippobag collection

There’s a chance you might be able to save even more money than the Hippobag discounts offer.  You could try selling or donating your reusable waste, using a man & van company to collect your waste or taking your waste to a tip.  For more info on each of these, see below.


1. Don’t overfill your skip bag

Just like skips, if you overfill a Hippobag you could either face extra charges or be left with some of your waste while the allowed amount is taken away and disposed of.  This is why it’s important not to ignore the ‘level load’ i.e. the top of a skip/skip bag.  Click the following link to see what you can and can’t put in a Hippobag.


skip bag full of trade diy waste waiting for collection and disposal

2. Permits

Leaving your Hippobag on your driveway or front garden will save you from having to pay a permit.  Permits are needed when placing your bag on a public highway and the average cost is £68.

It’s worth noting that if you don’t have the luxury or a driveway or accessible front garden, a man & van removal company can collect your bag from anywhere on your property.


3. Sale & donation

If you’re trying to dispose of waste that someone else might be interested in, consider selling or donating your waste instead.  It’ll save you paying to have your junk collected and instead, you might even make some money instead of losing money.

Obviously, if you have messy waste like bricks or old broken tiles, it’s highly unlikely anyone else will want to take it off your hands.  However, if you have bulky waste like a bedside table, it’s worth trying to pass it on for reuse.

If you’re hoping to make some money from your junk, try the likes of online websites Facebook Marketplace and eBay.  There’s even the option to use auction houses or car boot sales.

There are also lots of options if you’re just looking to donate to someone in need.  You could take it to a charity shop or furniture reuse organisation or you could use an online site such as Freegle, Freecycle which promote free reuse.  There’s also the option to use websites such as Nextdoor, Facebook Marketplace and eBay and just set the price to £0.


4. Household Waste Recycling Centres

If you have the time, means of transport and the muscles/energy, you could take a trip to your local HWRC (Household Waste Recycling Centre) and dispose of the waste yourself. For more info on HRWCs, how they work, prohibited waste and more, check out our ultimate guide.


5. Find your Cheapest Collector on LoveJunk

Last but definitely not least, why not use a licensed man & van collector to remove your Hippo bag?  Or better still, just empty it and then leave you the empty bag to fill a second time. Man & van waste contractors can collect the rubbish from anywhere on the property (unlike the Hippowaste lorry which requires you to place the filled bag within easy reach of the road). If it’s filled with heavy, loose rubbish the team will unload the waste and carry it to the truck using a wheelbarrow or gorilla tubs. If it’s quite light bulky waste, they will just lift the whole bag in one go.   So, you can leave and load the bag on your property wherever suits you.  This is super handy as you don’t always want to lug waste into your driveway, front garden or road.  

Using a man and van is often considerably cheaper than a crane lorry collection.  And another benefit to man and van collection is they can often offer faster response times.  

Follow this link to find out how much man & van contractors charge for collecting different sizes of Hippo bags.


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