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Hippo Bag Collection Guide

20 December 2021

Hippo bag collections

Do you need a Hippobag collection for some waste and want more information about what your options are and how much they cost? Then this ultimate guide is for you!

  1. What is a Hippo Bag collection?
  2. Where can I buy a Hippo bag?
  3. What are the Hippobag collections sizes and weight restrictions?
  4. What is accepted in a Hippo bag collection?
  5. How do man and van Hippobag collections work?
  6. How long does a Hippo bag collection take?
  7. Do Hippo bag collections run on the weekend?
  8. What does a Hippobag collection cost?


1. What is a Hippo Bag collection?

When your hippo bag is full and you need to dispose of it you have three options:

a) Pay Hippowaste (the maker of Hippobags) to pick it up. The most expensive option but they definitely know what they’re doing!

b) Pay a man and van rubbish clearance company to remove it. Cheaper and they can, if you wish, leave the empty bag with you afterwards to be used again.

c) Take it to the tip yourself. If you are a householder, this means a trip to your local household waste recycling centre . If you are tradesperson or business, you will have to take it to a commercial tip and pay disposal costs based on the weight of the waste.



2. Where can I get a Hippo bag?

Hippobag is the most widely known brand of skip bag. You can buy them directly from one of the major DIY retailers, Amazon or Hippowaste. A cheaper alternative to purchasing a Hippobag is to buy a bulk builders bag which you can fill with your bulky waste in just the same way as a Hippobag. Then pay a local man & van rubbish clearance company to collect and empty it. If you are looking for a Hippo bag and would like to see what Hippo bag discount codes are available out there, see our guide that has the best options and some extra suggestions on how to save money when using a Hippo bag.



3. What are the Hippobag collections sizes and weight restrictions?

Hippowaste uses crane style lorries to remove the skip bag of all the waste you’ve put it in. However, they have to have weight restrictions for health and safety reasons. Alternatively, you could arrange your collection with a waste carrier that does not use a mechanised crane but instead empties it by hand. In this instance, of course, no weight restrictions would apply. Below is a table showing the size of each different skip bag, how much waste can fit in it and its weight restriction if collected by Hippowaste.


A Builders Bag

Hippo Midibag

Hippo Megabag

Hippo Hipposkip

Cubic Yards 1.0 cubic yard 1.0 cubic yard 1.5 cubic yard 4.5 cubic yards
Size 900 x 900x 900mm 900 x 900 x 900mm 1800 x 900x 700mm 2100 x 1650 x 1000mm
Rubbish that would take up similar volume for comparison  

Washing machine


Washing machine Tall Fridge or Bath Bathroom or small kitchen ripout
Weight Restrictions if collected by Hippo 1 tonne 1.5 tonnes 1.5 tonnes


4. What is accepted in a Hippo bag collection?

Most types of non-hazardous waste can be collected in a Hippobag. This includes DIY waste like rubble and broken tiles, soil, glass, bulky waste items like household furniture and other general junk you may want to remove. There are of course some things that are prohibited, and the most obvious are Asbestos, Fridges/freezers, Pianos, Paint cans, Mattresses, Batteries, Fire extinguishers, TV’s, Tyres, Liquids (i.e. oil, cooking oil, petrol, diesel, paint), food waste, human/animal waste and clinical waste.

For even more detailed advice on what you can and cannot put in a hippo bag please read our dedicated post written by experts who have worked in the waste industry for over 30 years.


5. How do man & van Hippo bag collections work?

Man and van Hippo bag collections are straightforward. They just turn up at your property and empty the bag by hand and load the waste into their truck. Then sweep up. And that’s it.  To find your cheapest available licensed collector today you can use the LoveJunk marketplace. 

However, if you would prefer the more expensive option, you can use Hippowaste to collect your bag by ordering a collection online through their site.


hippo bag filled with rubbish



6. How long does a Hippo bag collection take?

Depending on who you use to for a hippo bag collection, the timing will vary.

Hippowaste state that on their website, they aim to collect Hippobags within five working days of when you contact them.

However, if you list your job on LoveJunk, you’ll be matched to a collector who can remove your waste on that date or alternatively, you will have the option to choose the most convenient day for you.


7. Do Hippo bag collections run on the weekend?

Hippo does not collect on Sunday.  Man & van collectors operate 7 days a week but expect to pay a bit more for a Saturday or Sunday collection because there are less disposal sites open for them to take the waste, so their cost of operation is higher.


8. What does a Hippo bag collection cost?

The cost of a Hippo bag collection depends on the size of the bag, what you put in it, and when you need the bag removed. Prices range from £80 – £250 (inc VAT).

The typical range of collection prices (inc VAT) charged by man & van waste collectors for each size of Hippo bag is set out below, and the web prices currently charged by Hippowaste. The lower end of the price range is when the waste is light and bulky (eg. broken furniture, bulky garden refuse) and/or highly recyclable (eg. pure soil or bricks.)


Table of Hippobag collection prices (inc VAT)

Size Collection cost charged by Hippowaste Collection cost charged by man & van collectors
Hippo Midibag  (L)90cm x (W)90cm x (H)90cm

Weight allowance: 1 tonne

£144.99  £70 – £120
Hippo Megabag (L)180cm x (W)90cm x (H)70cm

allowance: 1.5 tonnes
£70 – £150
Hipposkip bag (L)210cm x (W)165cm x (H)100cm

Weight allowance: 1.5 tonnes

£244.99  £100 – £180


Below are real-life Hippobag collection jobs that have happened on the LoveJunk marketplace. For loads more information and photo examples, please check out our post on Hippo bag collection prices. 

4.5yds, £50

Hippowaste Midibag £60*

Megabag, £100

And Finally…

Thanks for reading! We hope you found our Hippobag Collection guide helpful. If you’re looking for safe and speedy skip bag removal and disposal or hippo bag alternatives, we recommend using the LoveJunk marketplace. We may be biased, but we know you’ll find your cheapest, greenest collector in seconds. And if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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