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Top Bulky Waste collection queries

Is the waste recycled? All waste is taken to licensed commercial recycling facilities and full disposal details are provided (including site, license, and landfill diversion %) for your peace of mind.

Will any items be reused? Hopefully yes. If you are disposing of anything in good, working condition, specify this in your listing and take good photos, so collectors and reuse charities can assess it properly.

How much will it cost? Cost of collection depends on size & type of waste, when you need it collected and where from. The typical price for jobs of a similar size and junk type appears as you create your listing. Read more

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Help us clean up the Rubbish Business

LoveJunk matches people with bulky waste to their nearest available collector or reuse charity. Our visual marketplace enables dynamic pricing and encourages reuse, saving you time and money. It’s also great for the environment – shortening collection routes, reducing fuel emissions, and helping local collection and reuse entreprises operate more efficiently.

We know rubbish isn’t sexy – but it’s time it got dejunked! We’re on a mission to clean up the junk removal business. Please help us make a difference and share LoveJunk with your friends.

All sorts of bulky waste

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Household Bulky

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Garden Waste

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