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Freecycle Sevenoaks

25 October 2022

Reuse options in and around Sevenoaks, including Freecycle & charity shops

Welcome to our complete guide to Freecycle Sevenoaks and other ways to give and find things for free reuse in and around Sevenoaks. This article covers how to join and use Freecycle Sevenoaks as well as other trusted reuse sites.


1) Freecycle Sevenoaks

Freecycle is an online platform where members can find and exchange reusable items completely free of charge. The organisation hosts town groups that connect local residents, for example Freecycle Sevenoaks. At the time of writing this, Freecycle Sevenoaks has 12000 active members. 

The term Freecycle circulates a lot and it can be a little confusing to understand who is who. Lots of organisations have picked up the term and use it interchangeably with Freegle, Recycle and more. Just remember that and The Freecycle Network refer to this platform in particular. 

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To list or search for an item in Sevenoaks, go to the Sevenoaks Freecycle group page and sign up with your email address. You can also use Facebook if you want. It's free to create an account. Now, you can join the Sevenoaks town group and any other nearby towns if you like. To list an item you'd like to get rid of, just take a photo, write a quick description and include any preferences about collection. If you're looking for something specific, you can create a Wanted listing. 

Freecycle has a few rules to follow:

  • Don't post anything about politics
  • No spam or money
  • Personal ads are not allowed (e.g. posting yourself or somebody else)
  • Everything listed must be legal (no drugs)
  • No animals


2) Trashnothing Sevenoaks

Trashnothing is a similar platform, except listings from different freecycle or reuse sites appear together in one place. Just like Freecycle, there are town groups connecting nearby reusers. Confusingly, Trashnothing's local groups call themselves by various different reuse platform names. In this case, the Sevenoaks town group is called Sevenoaks Freegle.

You can join and use Trashnothing Sevenoaks just like Freecycle. 

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3) LoveJunk

LoveJunk is an online marketplace where you can sustainably dispose of unwanted larger items as well as find pre-owned items for free. The marketplace matches you and your items to collectors (who will divert the waste from landfill) or to reusers. 

To get rid of an item, go to LoveJunk’s homepage and click “Find Your Cheapest Collector”. Follow the instructions to create a free listing and then your listing goes live. You can choose to just show your item to collectors who will come and collect for a fee. If your item is reusable, you can show it to both collectors and reusers. Reusers come and collect items free of charge. 

To find free stuff through LoveJunk, you can register as a ReUser (also known as JunkLovers) on the site or marketplace app. You can set filters to show items in and around Sevenoaks. Anything that catches your eye, message the owner and collect for free!



4) Gumtree Sevenoaks Freebies section

Gumtree is a popular website for classified ads that offers all sorts of items and services. People normally use Gumtree to buy and sell but it also has a ‘Freebies’ section. You can apply filters to just see free stuff in Sevenoaks. Members only post items that they’re giving away completely free of charge. 

It’s free to sign up and you need an account before you can message any members about their listings, or make your own listing. A ‘basic’ listing is completely free to create but there are various levels of extra charges. You can use these to boost visibility and make sure more people see your listing. It’s still free to respond to a boosted advert. 

When using the search feature on Gumtree, play around with your keywords and try not to be too specific. For example, try searching for ‘baby clothes’ rather than ‘newborn baby clothes’. When looking for free items, try adding ‘free’ at the end. Sometimes members list their items on the normal Gumtree pages. 


5) Abacus Furniture Project

Abacus is a sustainable project run by West Kent housing association. You can donate your unwanted and reusable furniture and household items to Abacus, who help low-income families to furnish their homes at a low cost. You can donate:

  • Soft furnishings (with fire labels attached)
  • Furniture
  • Electrical items
  • Cookers, washing machines and televisions (they must be under 10 years old)

West Kent run other reuse projects from their stores. Relove a Bike accepts donations of bicycles that would otherwise go to landfill and takes them to be repaired and renovated by prisoners at the Young Offenders Institution and HM Pirson Rochester. Community RePaint is a project that provides donation points for reusable pots of paint. 

Abacus Furniture Project is open 6 days a week from its store on Greatness Lane in Sevenoaks. They offer a 25% discount on all items for those receiving Housing Benefits. The address for Abacus Furniture Project is Greatness La, Sevenoaks TN14 5BQ.


Opening hours: Monday - Thursday 08:30 - 16:30, Friday 08:30- 16:00, Saturday 09:30 - 15:30. It is closed on Sundays. 

Email address: [email protected]


Abacus also offers a social woodwork project called Men's Shed, though anyone is welcome to attend. 



6) Other Furniture Reuse Charity Shops in Sevenoaks


Hospice in the Weald - Sevenoaks Furniture Shop

Address: Main Road, Sundridge, Sevenoaks TN14 6ED.

Opening hours: Monday - Saturday 09.30 - 17:00, Sunday 10:00 - 16:00.


British heart foundation

Address: 121 High Street, Sevenoaks, Kent, UK, TN13 1UP.

Opening hours: Monday-saturday 09.30-17.00, Sunday 10.00-16.00


Reuse not possible? Alternatives to Freecycle in Sevenoaks

Sometimes, Freecycling or reusing your items just isn't possible. Don't worry - here are two great guides to help you:


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