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Looking for free furniture and more?

Every day on the LoveJunk marketplace there are literally thousands of wonderful items available to collect completely for free.

From sumptuous sofas, brass beds, chest of drawers and vintage tables to upright pianos, exercise machines, BBQs and building materials.

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Junk lover car with free furniture in back

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Browse free stuff. Use category and region filters to refine your search.

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Use LoveJunk secure chat to contact the owner of anything you like. 

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Agree a pickup time and location.  Delivery options are available.


4. Collect for free

Collect for free. The item is yours to keep, donate or sell as you please.


Examples of Items Collected for Free

Sofa Bed

Garden table & chairs


What to do next

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For more information on how finding and collecting free items on LoveJunk works in practise, read our reuser guide