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Examples of skip bag collection prices

Skip bags with earth (£200)

Hippowaste Megabag (£90)

Beebag (£85)

Hippowaste Midibag (£100)

Hippobag of garden soil (£120)

Megabag (£100)

Top skip bag collection queries

  • Where do I need to leave my skip bag for collection? Unlike a crane collection, a man and van collector can remove your skip bag from anywhere on the property, so you can leave your bag wherever is convenient for you. 
  • Can I keep my skip bag for reuse? Yes, instead of throwing the old bag away, just ask your collector to empty the waste and leave the empty bag with you so it can be used again. 
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Helping clean up the Rubbish Business

The business of rubbish clearance is outdated and inefficient. Customers pay more than they need in order to cover the cost of collectors driving unecessary distances. At the same time, agreeing a fair price and checking you’re dealing with a legitimate, licensed operator is hard work. We’re using technology to change all that.

Our marketplace connects you with nearby licensed waste carriers and makes it easy to agree a price in a few clicks. Reducing travel times and admin makes businesses more efficient and reduces prices.  Please share LoveJunk with your friends and family and help us clean up the rubbish business.

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