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Freecycle Guildford & Reuse Guide

23 September 2022

Reuse options in and around Guildford, including Freecycle & charity shops

Welcome to our complete guide on Freecycle Guildford and other routes to give away and find nice things for free in and around Guildford. We cover how to join and use Freecycle Guildford as well as other trusted reuse sites.


1) Freecycle Guildford

Freecycle is an online platform where members can give and receive reusable items free of charge. The site hosts town groups that connect local residents, such as Freecycle GuildfordAt last count, Freecycle Guildford had over 35,000 members and is an active online community. 

Freecycle can be a little confusing to understand because lots of organisations have picked up the term over the years. All you need to know is that the terms and The Freecycle Network refer to this platform in particular. 

freecycle guildford logo

To list or look for an item in Guildford, go to the Guildford Freecycle group page and sign up with just your email address or Facebook. It's free to create an account. Now, you can join the Guildford town group and any other nearby towns if you want. To post a listing about something you want to get rid of, just provide an image and description, as well as any preferences about collection. If you're looking for something specific, create a Wanted listing. 

Be aware of some rules when posting on Freecycle:

  • Leave politics, spam and money outside the site
  • Swaps and trades aren't allowed
  • No personal ads (don't post yourself or somebody else)
  • Keep it legal (no drugs)
  • No animals


2) Trashnothing Guildford

Trashnothing is a platform where listings from different freecycling or reuse sites appear together in one place. Within the site, there are town groups connecting nearby reusers just like Freecycle. Trashnothing's local groups often call themselves by various different names. In this case, Guildford has two local town groups, one called Guildford Recycle For Free (with 6,700 members) and Guildford Freegle (2,300 members). 

The process to join and use Trashnothing Guildford is very similar to Freecycle.

trashnothing guildford

3) LoveJunk

LoveJunk is an online marketplace for sustainably disposing of unwanted larger items as well as getting your hands on pre-loved items for free. It works by matching you and your items to collectors who will divert the waste from landfill, or to reusers. 

To get rid of something, go to LoveJunk’s homepage and click “Find Your Cheapest Collector”. Follow the instructions to create a free listing which then goes live on the marketplace. You can choose whether to show the listing to waste collectors or individuals looking for bargains. Licensed waste collectors come and take your items away for a fee. Reusers collect items free of charge. 

If you want to get free stuff through LoveJunk, make sure you register as a ReUser (also known as JunkLovers) on the site or marketplace app. You can set filters to show items in and around Guildford. Anything that catches your eye, drop a message to the owner and collect for free.



4) Gumtree Guildford Freebies section

Gumtree is a well-known site for classified ads that offers all manner of items and services. Although people normally use Gumtree to buy and sell, it also has a 'Freebies' section where you can apply filters to just see ads in Guildford. Members only post items they're giving away for free here. 

It doesn't cost to sign up and you need to have an account before contacting any members about their listings, or making your own. Creating a 'basic' listing is completely free but, if wanted, you can pay various levels of extra charge to boost the visibility of your listing. It's still free to respond to an advert, even if the post was boosted.

To make sure you're finding what you want on Gumtree, they make some recommendations:

  • When you narrow your search, don't be TOO specific e.g. 'baby clothes' instead of 'newborn baby clothes'
  • Try searching with the word 'free' next to the item you're looking for. Some members list their items outside of the Freebies section


5) Furniturelink Surrey

Furniturelink Surrey is a community-based charity in Guildford selling pre-loved furniture, white goods and small electrical appliances. To donate, your furniture or appliances should be in good reusable condition. Soft furnishings, or items with material, must have fire label attached. Electrical appliances must come with CE marks.

Furniturelink offers a collection service for your reusable items if your address is local to the Guildford warehouse (GU4 7WA). Collection of up to 3 items costs £20, and 4-5 items costs £25.

If you don't have transport, Furniturelink provides a delivery service for items to anywhere within a 50 mile radius of their warehouse. Delivery charges start at £20. Get in touch with the shop for an accurate quote. Or for a fully remote shopping experience, try Furniturelink's profile on eBay

Furniturelink is open 5 days a week from its shop and warehouse on Merrow Lane. People on universal credit can receive up to 50% off in-store prices. Their address is 2b, Merrow Business Park, Merrow Lane, Guildford GU4 7WA.


furniturelink guildford


Opening hours: Monday - Friday 09:00 - 17:00 

Telephone: 01483 506504 

Email address: [email protected] 



6) Other Furniture Reuse Charity Shops in Guildford

In addtion to Furniturelink, here is a list of reuse charity shops in and around Guildford area that accept and resell pre-loved bulky items like furniture. 


Phyllis Tuckwell Furniture and Home Store

Address: 231 High Street, Guildford, GU1 3BQ

Telephone: 01483 497731

Opening hours: Monday - Saturday 09:00 - 17:30


British Heart Foundation Guildford

Address: 16/19 White Lion Walk, Guildford, GU1 3DN

Telephone: 01483 575180

Opening hours: Monday - Saturday 09:30 - 17:00, Sunday 10:00 - 16:00


Merrow DEBRA

Address: 209 Epsom Road, Guildford, GU1 2RB

Telephone: 01483 456603

Opening hours: Monday - Saturday 09:00 - 17:00, Sunday 10:00 - 16:00


Woking & Sam Beare Hospice and Wellbeing Care

Address: 225 Epsom Road, Merrow, Guildford, GU1 2RE

Telephone: 01483 458009

Opening hours: Monday - Saturday 09:30 - 17:00, Sunday CLOSED


7) Paint Reuse in Guildford

Paint Reuse shop

Located at Guildford's community recycling centre in Slyfield is the Paint Reuse Shop. The shop welcomes donations of full or mostly full tins of reusable, water based paint that residents can take. They suggest a small donation towards Macmillan cancer support in exchange for reusable paint. 

You can find the Paint Reuse Shop at Guildford's recycling centre on Moorfield Road, Slyfield Green Industrial Estate, Guildford, Surrey GU1 1RU. The opening hours are Monday 08:00 - 16:00, Tuesday & Wednesday CLOSED, Thursday & Friday 08:00 - 16:00, and Saturday & Sunday 09:00 - 16:00.  If you'd like to contact the Paint Reuse Shop, call the Recycling Centre's telephone: 01483 532187.


Community RePaint

In addition to the Paint Reuse Shop is Community RePaint. This is a reuse scheme for full cans of paint located at Furniturelink (see above). You can drop off your reusable paint or contact Furniturelink to organise a collection.


Reuse not possible? Alternatives to Freecycle in Guildford

Sometimes, Freecycling and reuse just isn't possible. Don't despair - here are two great guides that should help:


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