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Second Hand Garden Furniture Buyer’s Guide

2 August 2023

Buying Used Garden Furniture

Are you on the hunt for second hand garden furniture but aren’t sure where to start? You’re in the right place! This guide covers the process from start to finish, so finding great second hand garden furniture is easy:

  1. Measurements and weight
  2. How to budget, including example prices
  3. Materials
  4. Where to find second hand garden furniture
  5. Getting it home
  6. Last tips and advice


1. Measurements and weight

Before you start actively searching for second hand garden furniture, it’s important to think about how big and heavy it can be. 

  • Measure the space where the furniture will go. Especially important if it’s quite a small space in your garden – you want to know the furniture will fit. 
  • Consider how many people you expect to use it. Is the outdoor table and chair set you want just for a couple of people? Or for hosting dinner parties outside in the summer?
  • Think about weight. This will depend on the material of the garden furniture. Maybe not an obvious point, but if you live alone it could be hard to move heavy furniture into storage, for example. 



2. How to budget

The great thing about going second hand for your garden furniture is that you’ll probably find things much cheaper than buying new. Still, we advise setting a budget and sticking to it. Some things to factor into that figure:

  • Quality and age – newer, higher end brands are likely to cost a bit more, even second hand. 
  • Repairs – don’t write off garden furniture just because it needs a bit of TLC. Most of the time, garden benches or tables left outdoors for a while just need a good wash and a lick of oil or paint. Not too costly, but definitely something to bear in mind.
  • Accessories – might you need to buy cushions? Do you want a parasol for that garden table? Remember that you may need to budget for the extras too.
  • Maintenance products – since it will live outdoors, garden furniture needs a bit of maintenance to keep it going. Exact products depend on the material of your garden furniture and can be found at your local B&Q, for example.


How much should you pay for second hand garden furniture?

There’s a wide range of second hand garden furniture out there. Use these examples from LoveJunk as references. Be aware that this can vary depending on the seller and that prices can be subject to negotiation. 


second hand garden table and 4 chairs set for sale

Table & 4 chairs, £20

second hand garden sofa and cushions for sale

Rattan sofa with cushions, £22

used garden recliner chairs for sale

2 patio chairs, £25

second hand garden dining set for sale

Outdoor table & chairs set, £35

garden table and 6 chairs used garden furniture for sale

Glass top table & 6 chairs, £35

used garden sofa and table for sale

Garden sofa and table, £45


3. Which material?

Generally, garden furniture comes in the following materials: wood, metal, rattan or plastic. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of each:



Wooden garden furniture is a classic, rustic option. Since wood is quite vulnerable to cracks and dirt building up if not looked after regularly, it might require some attention when you bring it home. Regardless of the type of wood, it will need regular oil treatment to keep it in good nick. 

Upkeep: medium effort.

Weight: medium.

Cover required? Yes.

wooden garden furniture


Metal garden furniture

Most commonly you’ll find aluminium, steel and wrought iron outdoor furniture. It can be quite expensive, even used, and metal seating will probably require cushions as it gets hot to sit on in the summer. Metal is very durable and long-lasting and only needs a bit of attention once a year.

Upkeep: low effort (paint, powder coat or rust proofing depending on the metal)

Weight: heavy.

Cover required? Yes.



Synthetic rattan is a very popular garden furniture material. This is because it’s UV and water resistant, very easy to clean and nice and light. Natural rattan is an attractive option, but without synthetic treatment it is not weather resistant. You need to be able to store natural rattan properly in the colder months. 

Upkeep: low effort.

Weight: very light.

Cover required? Yes (potentially plus storage for natural rattan).

rattan garden furniture




Garden furniture made of plastic tends to be inexpensive and comes in a range of colours. It’s very easy to clean, requires virtually no upkeep and doesn’t need to be stored away in cold weather. Definitely an easy option, even if not the most chic!

Upkeep: very low.

Weight: light.

Cover required? No.


4. Where to find second hand garden furniture online

We’ve compiled the most popular ways to find used garden furniture online. The choice may seem a bit overwhelming but everybody has their favourites. Shop around and see what you find!


Site How to use it
Freecycle, Freegle & Trashnothing Find free garden furniture – great if you’re on a strict budget. You can also post Wanted listings.
Gumtree The main site has garden furniture for sale. Find free items in the ‘Freebies’ section.
Facebook marketplace (and forums) Search the ‘For Sale’ and ‘For Free’ sections. Watch out for listings that say they’re free and then have a price in the description! It’s also worth searching for local buy & sell forums on Facebook.
eBay There’s a huge range of listings on eBay so use your filters wisely!
Shpock Lots of filters to use. Check descriptions carefully!
Preloved Measurements are usually already in the listing description. Agree to the offered price or propose a counteroffer.
LoveJunk Find used and second hand garden furniture for free and for sale. Message the seller easily without having to share any details. Make an offer after asking any questions.



5. Quality check before buying

So you’ve found a garden furniture set that you love, what next? Double check a few things before you pay. If there aren’t already a few photos (or even better, a video) ask for more to hopefully catch any:

  • Serious rust
  • Large cracks in wood
  • Wobbles or missing nails

rusty metal garden furniture

Does the garden furniture have faults? Your next steps depend on how much effort you want to put in to restoring it. It’s easy to clean or add some new paint. If wood is snapped or fully cracked, not so much.

Of course, the best option is being able to assess in person whether the outdoor furniture is in genuinely good condition. If that’s not possible, make sure you’re happy with the description.


6. Logistics – getting it home

If you’ve found a great item online, the next question is probably how to get it home. Weigh up your pick up and drop off options.


Pick it up yourself

If it’s not too far a drive and the items aren’t too big, you could go and pick up yourself with a car. It’s a pretty cheap option and you can create some space by putting the back seats down. This might work for a small garden table, or some plastic chairs you can stack and lie on their sides. Otherwise, you could consider hiring a van to pick up anything bigger.


Drop off

The seller could be very kind and offer to drop the items off. Although this might seem convenient, it makes it harder to say no if this is the first time you see the item in person and decide you don’t want it. Maybe the pictures weren’t accurate or dimensions wrong. You’re well within your rights to say no, but it can be awkward if they’ve come a long way!


Alternatively, you could hire a courier service to transport your garden furniture to your door. Some second hand sites help you arrange delivery if you use their platforms to buy. Have a look at companies like AnyVan or Shiply to see their prices.


7. Last pieces of advice – stay safe!

Some final tips for staying safe and not ending up with an item you don’t like.

  • If possible, pick up – you can avoid giving out your home address this way. It’s also easier to say no to an item if you’re the one travelling.
  • Have a friend with you to pick up. Or somebody at home if you’re expecting a delivery – not just for safety but for any heavy lifting!
  • Don’t feel pressured if it’s not right! Finding the right second hand garden furniture set might take some patience and time. Good luck!


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