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Guide Prices for Mattress Removal & Collection in London

25 February 2022

Looking for more information on mattress removal prices and collection in London? Our guide covers average mattress removal prices and example jobs carried out by licensed waste collectors on the LoveJunk platform.

Average mattress disposal cost

The cost of collection and disposal typically ranges from £20 to £60 (including VAT).  Prices depend on the size and weight of the mattress (single, double, king-sized), its quality and condition (really nice ones will get picked up very cheaply because they will be reused), how urgently and when it needs to be picked up, and where it is on the property.

Table of average mattress removal prices

Mattress Type Low High

Single mattress

£10 £40

Double mattress

£20 £60

Two single mattress

£25 £65

Small double mattress

£20 £50

King size mattress

£40 £70

source: lovejunk (updated Aug-2022)

Example mattress collection prices

Below is a list of recent collections by licensed waste collectors have charged. Any price marked with an asterisk includes 20% VAT.  So if you’re a VAT registered business, you would have been able to reclaim that part of the cost. 

To learn more about finding the best price for mattress disposal in your area today go to LoveJunk Mattress Disposal.

Standard double, £40

Double mattress, £35

Double mattress, £35

Double mattress, £25

Double mattress, £30

Double mattress, £35

King size mattress, £60

Small double mattress, £25

Super-king mattress, £60

Single mattress, £20

Double mattress, £35

Double mattress collected, £35

Mattress, £35

Memory foam double, £40

Double mattress, £10

King size mattress, £20

Double mattress removal, £30

Double mattress, £25

Double mattress, £30

Double mattress, £30

Single mattress, £30

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