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House Clearance Near Me Video Guide

23 March 2023

House Clearance Video

Video Transcript

What is a house clearance?

When you completely empty a house of stuff left from the last occupier that is no longer needed. This includes furniture, appliances, ornaments and everything inbetween.


3 ways to do a house clearance

  1. House clearance company
  2. Clear property yourself
  3. Combination – do some yourself and hire specialists for the rest


What is a house clearance company?

A combination between a bulky waste collector and second hand furniture/ antique dealer. They do all the lifting and removal as well as sell on any valuable items. You receive any money they make from resold items.


How to avoid cowboy operators

  1. Check they have a waste carriers license & valid insurance
  2. Check their reviews!


How to find a good house clearance company

Use LoveJunk:

  • Find local companies
  • See ratings
  • License and insurance already checked


How much does it cost?

Standard 2-bed house clearance = £200-£500

1-bed flat = £100-£200

Prices vary – house size, amount of junk and valuable items, if any



Money saving tips

  1. Ask friends and family to help
  2. Sell what you can
  3. Hire a van
  4. Give notice to clearance companies
  5. Get multiple quotes


Tips for a successful house clearance

  1. Plan thoroughly and organise well
  2. Be safe – watch out for hazardous waste!


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