how to create great rubbish removal listings on lovejunk

How to create great listings

5 June 2020

Struggling to get a collector to claim your junk listing? Read our top tips on how to ensure you pay the least and get the fastest response for your next posting on LoveJunk.

  1. Photos
  2. Junk description & extra information
  3. Collection time
  4. Price
  5. Access & location
  6. Help with loading
  7. Don't be afraid to try again

1. Photos

Take good photos.  Collectors don't like surprises and they don't like to guess. So the better the snaps, the less they will worry that there are any hidden nasties.

2. Junk description & Extra Info - 

Take the time to describe your junk as clearly as possible. Just like good photos, a clear description goes a long way to reassuring collectors about what they are collecting. So 'Pile of rubbish' is obviously not as helpful, as a detailed inventory of everything there.

3. Collection time 

If possible choose a time and day when a lot of collectors are likely to be on the road. For example, Sunday at 3am is certainly not a very popular time for people to work! So, unless you add a large premium, you'll probably be unlikely to have waste carriers queuing up to do your job.

4. Price  

Read our Price Guidance for detailed help and suggestions on what price to offer when you create a listing.

5. Access & Location 

If you are able to put the junk outside your property within easy reach of the road, then this will make it a LOT more appealing for collectors. Time is money, and it takes much less time to load junk from the kerbside than it does to bring it down from a top floor using a narrow staircase.

6. Help

Being available to help doesn't necessarily reduce the price but it is likely to increase the number of collectors that can do the job, because some only work as one man teams. By offering to help lift an awkward or heavier item, you make a job a one person team couldn't do, possible.

7. Don't be afraid to try again 

Even if you follow all of our tips, sometimes it's just a bad day.  So rather than overthink the whys and wherefores about why your listing didn't get claimed - sometimes the simplest thing to do is just list your junk again and cross your fingers.


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