Grow your business for free

If you’re a licensed waste carrier or reuse charity who loves delivering great customer service and wants to grow your business, then the LoveJunk platform is for you!

There’s no sign up fee, no ongoing membership costs, and the work is entirely optional. All you need is a smartphone to download the app.


loading rubbish truck commercial
new job notification for collector

How it works

Once you set up as a collector, you will start to receive notifications through the app of new junk listings in your area.

If you like the offer price and collection time and have the capacity, then just tap the app to claim the job. 

Pick up the junk at the agreed time and log where you dispose of it. Payment is made directly into your bank account just a few days later.


London only for now!

LoveJunk is currently live in the Greater London area, Windsor, Maidenhead and Surrey

Please only register to become a collector if you can undertake jobs within the area shaded RED on the map.


greater london map

What to do next

Registration as a collector is easy. You can read more about it here or simply download the app, click Login in the main menu and follow the instructions. The approval process takes up to 5 working days.

Please note you must have valid insurance, be registered as a Licensed Waste Carrier, and bulky removal or reuse must your primary activity.