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The Big 8 Junk Moments of your Life

12 February 2022

Getting rid of your junk may not be your top priority today, but the time will come, and when it does, we are here to help! Whether moving house or Spring cleaning, to getting a new kitchen or bathroom installed. We all need junk removal. Here's our list of the top junk removal moments in people's lives.


1. Moving house

Moving house is the number 1 life event for getting rid of stuff. Usually, in the frantic run-up to moving house while drowning in boxes all labelled 'sheets', the realisation that half your stuff won't fit in your new pad starts to dawn on you. Then you see that the previous occupants forgot to clear out all their old junk, leaving you with a loft full of rubbish gathering dust. I mean, who doesn't want a fax machine and a set of agricultural hand tools, right?


dusty old fax machine


2. Spring clean

As Nietzsche once wrote, "if you gaze into the abyss long enough, the abyss gazes back at you", and that is exactly how many of us feel about our garages. Something about the arrival of Spring brings on the intense desire to clean the abyss like spaces in our home. We know this as without fail every Spring, we see a solid spike in demand for junk removal - the stats never lie!


busy garage



3. Birth

Having a child is a life-changing experience, and though small, they come with their fair share of luggage. So as you watch your home office slowly transform into the set of Frozen, this may be the perfect time to declutter and organise (before little Lola grows up and puts your MacBook in the microwave).


holding hands with newborn baby


4. Furniture upgrade

Our furniture is there with us through life's ups and downs. From movie nights and dinner parties to romantic evenings in. We've watched TV on you, cried into you, fallen asleep across you, shared meals with you, but as our lives change the spaces we inhabit evolve and with that, it's inevitable we say goodbye to some pieces of furniture.


5. New kitchen or bathroom

We all know the feeling; you watch too many episodes of Downtown Abbey and suddenly think you need a roll-top bath and an aga. Kitchens and bathrooms are the two most popular rooms to renovate (these renovations also generate the most amount of junk).


rolltop bath


6. Kids leaving home

Ahh, parenting. The honour of watching your home and bank balance take a bashing for 18 years straight. But they do eventually fly the nest. Time to turn Timmie's bedroom into a home cinema? Ab-so-lutely! When the kids leave home, it's an excellent time for a clear out.


7. Bin there, dump that

Life is no hallmark card, and as heartbreaking as it may be, when couples divorce or separate, this is often a trigger for a clear out. When you've already got enough life admin and don't fancy adding car boot sales onto the list, we can at least help with the junk clearance.


man crying on a bench

8. Death

They say the only certainties in life are death and taxes, but needing junk removal should be added. When the time comes, there is a pretty good chance at least some of the old furniture and bric-a-brac we've accumulated through the years will be given to our nearest and dearest, donated to charity, sold or sent to the rubbish tip. 


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