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  • Step 1 of Derby furniture removal is take a photo of furniture

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  • Derby furniture removal step 4 is the waste transfer note after disposal

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Top rated Furniture Removal firms near me

  • Simon B collector who collects Furniture Removal in Derby

    Simon B



    Quick, efficient, friendly and just got on with it. Top job, highly recommend, thank you. - Dominika S.
  • Nicky M collector who collects Furniture Removal in Derby

    Nicky M



    A good experience. Kept me informed and updated with collection times. An efficient and polite service. Would recommend. - Julie H.
  • Tyler B collector who collects Furniture Removal in Derby

    Tyler B



    Helpful and friendly service, everything went smooth, collection was very easy and quick. Thanks! - Rebecca H.
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Up to 50% cheaper furniture removal

Use LoveJunk to find your best Derby furniture removal solution fast. Create a listing and local licensed waste collectors and junk reusers will send you quotes in seconds.

Waste collector prices are typically 25% - 50% cheaper than if you approach them directly. Junk reuser pickups are free. Compare prices and reviews. Choose the best solution for you.

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5 stars trustpilot rating in Derby

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  • 5 stars trustpilot rating in Derby

    Fantastic app

    I had to get rid of some furniture from my place, posted on LoveJunk and just a few days later I’ve got so much response & could pick the best offer. Recommend it to anyone!

    Nicola S.

  • 5 stars trustpilot rating in Derby

    Really quick and easy

    Really quick responses and good communication with the collectors and very easy to upload everything. Best way to either dispose of or redistribute stuff.

    Nina L.

  • 5 stars trustpilot rating in Derby

    Really brilliant service

    Really brilliant service. On time, polite and shifted a huge pile of rubbish in minutes. Would definitely use again.

    Kate A.

Derby Furniture Removal helpful tips

  • What types of furniture can I get removed?

    LoveJunk marketplace finds your best removal solution in Derby for any type of unwanted furniture. Popular items include sofa, desk, bed base, bookcase, chair, settee, dresser, cupboard, chest of drawers, filing cabinet, futon, office furniture, rowing machine, mattress, running treadmill, three piece suite, dining table, and wardrobe.

  • How expensive is Derby furniture removal?

    Getting an idea of the cost of furniture removal and all the options available is important before making a commitment. With LoveJunk, you can easily create a free, no obligation listing and receive removal quotes for your items. The exact cost of removal varies depending on the furniture type, condition, and urgency of removal, as well as the size and weight of your items. In some cases, if your items are in excellent condition with no visible signs of wear and tear, someone will collect for free. After receiving quotes, you can accept one of the offers or cancel the listing if you need time to think further - no problem.

  • How to get the cheapest collection price

    Here are some tried and tested tips for bringing your collection price down. Firstly, if you're able to do so, list your furniture between Monday-Friday and select 'Anytime' for collection. This is because collectors in Derby are most active during the week amd more flexibility for them allows them more chances to fit your job in with their other collections. Secondly, removal teams prefer items that can be loaded quickly, so make sure your items are as easily to access as possible. Lastly, create a high quality listing. Use good photos and even a short video, write a clear, detailed description and enter a concise but attractive title. For example, 'Vintage desk great condition' sounds better than 'old desk'.

  • Improve chances of reuse

    A new home is the ideal destination for your furniture if it is still in great shape. Here are some tips to improve the chances of your furniture being reused. First, make your listing as appealing, descriptive and accurate as possible. This means taking plenty of pictures from different angles in good lighting, and writing a clear description with detailed dimensions and any imperfections. You don't want a potential new owner to change their mind about taking your sofa because they didn't know about the big stain on the cushion! Another tip is to provide a bit of background: why are you getting rid of it? These extra details make your listing more trustworthy and appealing.

  • What if I don't have a fire label?

    If you donate upholstered furniture to a charity, a fire retardant label is required by law. Charities are prohibited from reselling any upholstered furniture that does not have a fire label attached. However, if you plan to give the furniture directly to an individual, there is no legal requirement for it to have a fire label.

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