Great value rubbish removal happening on LoveJunk every day!

Great value rubbish removal happening on LoveJunk every day!

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Looking for rubbish removal near me?

Are you looking for cheap, environmentally responsible rubbish removal? Brilliant! You are in the right place. LoveJunk is the UK’s number 1 marketplace for rubbish removal. We help you find your best, local rubbish removal solution fast. Prices are typically 25-50% cheaper than if you ring around collectors direct. Plus we guarantee that every collector is fully licensed and insured, so you have complete peace of mind about where your waste ends up. Just click on the green ‘Find your collector’ button to get started.

How does LoveJunk work?

LoveJunk lets you access 100s of vetted local waste collectors in seconds. Just take a few photos of whatever rubbish you want removed and then post a listing on the LoveJunk marketplace. Nearby licensed waste carriers will start to send quotes in seconds. You compare their prices and customer reviews, in order to choose the best solution for you.

After you’ve chosen your ideal rubbish remover, you can message them securely (without sharing your personal contact details) via the LoveJunk messaging system. Payment is online after pickup and only once you confirm you are 100% happy with the job. We email your receipt directly to your inbox. We also send you detailed documentation about your collection, where it was disposed of, who collected it, and how much was recycled.

Cost of rubbish removal

The cost of your rubbish removal will depend on a few key things - the type of waste, how urgently you need it collected, and how difficult it is to load into a van. The best way to get an idea of removal cost is to post a listing on LoveJunk to see what offers you get from collectors. Creating your listing is free and there is no obligation to accept any offer you receive. Btw, if you haven’t got all of your waste ready yet but would like a rough idea of what it might cost, then we recommend browsing some of the previous rubbish removal jobs in the gallery above.

Rubbish removal gallery

The photo gallery above shows recent rubbish removal jobs that have occurred via the LoveJunk marketplace. You can choose whether you want to see the prices with or without VAT included by adjusting the VAT button. The time shown in minutes or hours on each job is the length of time it took for that customer to accept one of the collector offers from when they initially posted their rubbish on LoveJunk. Some listings are very quick to match because the customer received a great offer quickly. Longer times normally occur because the customer wanted to wait to make sure they got the absolute lowest price.

You can tap a listing to view more details of the job. This includes the type and size of waste, the collection date and the agreed arrival window. The listing also shows the region, the type of property it was collected from, postcode area and additional photos of the collection. ‘Matched’ means a customer found a collector to collect their rubbish at an agreed time for an acceptable price.

Different categories of waste

Click on any of the filters above to see jobs that have a similar type of rubbish. For example, garden waste, fridges, carpets, or sofas. These filters are great if you know what sort of waste you need removing and want more detailed insight into how much your collection may cost. However, bear in mind that every rubbish collection is slightly different and, in addition to waste type, there are many other factors that affect the final price. These include time of day of posting, urgency of collection, size of job, weight of job, loading time, ease of access, and geography.

Landfill diversion of rubbish

Listings showing a green heart in their photo are those where the item was passed on for reuse or the rubbish removed was delivered to a disposal facility which diverts 100% of waste from landfill. On average, 98% of rubbish picked up through collectors using the LoveJunk marketplace is diverted from landfill. This percentage continues to improve as the reuse side of LoveJunk grows and also as we encourage more collectors to use zero landfill disposal sites. You can find out where your rubbish ends up in your disposal document, including the site name, permit information and the % diverted from landfill.

Junk reusers

Reuse is the most environmentally friendly way to dispose of something and definitely the cheapest. So, alongside licensed waste collectors (who charge to remove rubbish), LoveJunk has lots of Junk Reusers. These are individuals and charities who use LoveJunk to find second hand items they wish to reuse. Junk reusers do not charge you to collect. They collect the item for free.

If you have something to get rid of that is in good working condition, without faults or stains, be sure you tick the ‘reusable’ box when creating your LoveJunk listing. This ensures that nearby junk reusers will be able to see it and, if they like it, make you an offer to collect it for free. Always take good pictures and provide an accurate, detailed description as possible to increase the chance of a Junk Reuser finding and loving your unwanted stuff.

Licensed waste carriers & disposal sites

Before waste carriers can join the LoveJunk platform, we verify their ID and address, that they have a valid waste carrier licence issued by the Environment Agency, and they have public liability insurance that covers them for rubbish removal. We also verify that the disposal sites they use are appropriately licensed and authorised to take commercial waste.

Why LoveJunk?

We make rubbish removal easy. Saving you time, money and stress. No need to worry about overpaying, using a cowboy fly tipper, or sharing your phone number and email with complete strangers. We are 5 star rated on Trustpilot and recommended widely by local councils. Please read what our customers think about us in our reviews.