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Same Day Rubbish Removal – London & UK

3 August 2021

Same Day Rubbish Removal: How to Get Rid of Rubbish Fast in London & UK

Are you searching for the same day rubbish removal? You’ve come to the right place.

This guide covers the various alternatives for getting rid of the rubbish that’s too big for your bin on the same day.  It includes what are the cheapest options, where to find the cheapest providers without using a cowboy and how much to expect to pay, as well as some specific options for certain types of bulky waste.


  1. What are the same day rubbish removal options?
  2. When not to use same day rubbish removal
  3. Advantages getting waste removed very quickly
  4. How much does it cost?


1. What are the same day rubbish removal options?

The 4 options for same day rubbish removal are:

1) use a man & van
2) take it to the local tip yourself
3) order a wait & load skip
4) if your junk is mostly metal, get it removed by a scrap metal collector

Note that the council bulky waste collection service, using a hippo bag and hiring a skip are not relevant because they take longer than a day to arrange.

Let’s look at each of the 4 fast solution rubbish disposal solutions in a bit more depth.


Man & van rubbish removal

Man and van rubbish removal is when someone (or some people, as they often have a team of 2 in the vehicle) comes to your site, loads up the rubbish into their truck, and takes it away for disposal. They need to be licensed with the Environment Agency as a waste carrier and insured to remove waste.

There are literally hundreds of man & van rubbish clearance businesses, but not all of them will be able to collect on the day you contact them. Plus, like any business faced with a customer with an urgent problem, they have a habit of charging a premium for the same day service.

The LoveJunk online marketplace is the easiest way to find a man & van waste carrier on the same day. You post a photo or two the rubbish that needs to be removed, say you want it collected today, and nearby licensed waste collectors submit quotes. You choose the best offer (and can compare ratings at the same time). The marketplace operates nationally in England, Wales and part of the Scottish lowlands.

Man and van rubbish removal is typically a lot cheaper than skip hire and is particularly great when you don’t have enough waste to fill a skip or when you’re not able to take a trip to your local tip. 



Drive to Household Waste Recycling Centre

One of the cheapest options for disposing of your waste is taking it to your local Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC), also known as the tip, dump or civic amenity centre. Most tips are completely free to use, so all you’ll be paying for is the petrol to get there.  Plus, most are open at least 5 days a week so you can normally rock up and get rid of your waste on the same day.

For more information read our blog on London tips. It includes info on opening times, prohibited waste, vehicle restrictions & the best time to go.


Book a Council bulky waste collection

Another option for cheap rubbish removal is to use the council’s bulky waste collection service.  However, the likelihood of getting your waste taken away on the same day is VERY small as they do not offer on-demand service, and wait times typically are at least a week or so, and sometimes you can be waiting for up to a month.

So, the council collection service is a good option if you’re looking for cheap disposal, but not if you want fast disposal.  For more information go to our post on council bulky waste collection service.


Reuse and donation

Obviously, this guide wouldn’t be complete without considering reuse options.  If your junk is in reusable condition, you might want to consider giving or selling it to someone who would like it.  

Whether or not you’re able to get rid of your junk on the same day totally depends on chance, how good the item is and how much you’re selling the item for.  If you’re giving it away for free, it’ll be taken off of your hands much faster.

You can ask family and friends if they’d like your items or you can list the item online.  If you’re looking to make a profit, try the likes of Facebook Marketplace. eBay, Gumtree or Nextdoor.  Alternatively, if you want to give it away for free, Freegle and Freecycle are great sites to try.


Scrap metal collectors

You might be surprised to find out some of your junk has scrap metal that is worth some extra cash.  Scrap metal collectors can usually collect and pay you on the same day.  Here’s a list of the most valuable scrap metals and where you might find them in your junk:

  • Steel – often found in old ladders, pipes.  Stainless steel is more valuable and items include cutlery, kitchen utensils, kitchen appliances (dishwashers, microwaves, toasters etc), furniture
  • Lead – often found in old lead pipes, large batteries, garden hoses
  • Aluminium – often found in metal furniture, gutters and other building materials
  • Titanium – often found in electronics, bikes, scissors, tennis rackets
  • Brass – often found in musical instruments such as trumpets and horns, plumbing fixtures, handles and railings
  • Copper – often found in cookware, pipes, electrical wiring, coins, building cladding and roofing

Btw, scrap metal collectors are no longer allowed to collect for cash, they have to pay you via bank transfer or cheque.  So if a collector is offering you cash, it’s illegal and you should steer clear.


2. When is it best to use same day rubbish removal?

If you live in a flat, you most likely don’t have the luxury of a garden to leave your waste in and you probably won’t be allowed to leave any bulky waste outside the property for a few days.  For this reason, it would be beneficial to get rid of the waste on the same day so you don’t have to keep it in your flat.

Also, it’s just not very nice or sightly to have a load of junk sitting inside or outside your property, regardless of living in a house or a flat, so if you can get rid of it on the same day for no extra cost, why wouldn’t you?

There may be other reasons you need it gone – maybe you’re under a sort of time restrictions i.e. moving out of your home and need all of your waste shifted.  This is when it’s best to use same-day rubbish removal.

Also, if you’re undertaking a project in the home like a renovation, you might be generating waste pretty quickly and need it gone quickly too.


3. Advantages of same-day rubbish removal?

The main advantages to same-day rubbish removal are convenience, tidiness and depending on what waste you’re removing, potentially even getting rid of smells.

Instead of trying to find collectors offering same-day removal and comparing their rates, you could try LoveJunk.  The LoveJunk junk removal & reuse marketplace matches people to their nearest and cheapest waste collector, making it easy to find someone with the capacity and availability to collect your junk on the same day.


4. How much will it cost?

The cost varies depending on how much waste you have, who you use, what type of waste you have and how quickly you need it collected. See our rubbish removal price gallery for real examples of jobs that happened over the LoveJunk marketplace.

Alternatively, here are some price guides with photo examples for different types of waste:

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