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Guide to Cheap Sofa Disposal – How Much to Pay

22 June 2021

Cheap sofa disposal: how much should you expect to pay to get rid of a sofa? UPDATED JANUARY 2023

Have you ever wanted to know what the fair price for sofa disposal is?

Here are some recent examples of jobs undertaken by licensed waste collectors that took place through the LoveJunk waste removal and junk reuse marketplace to remove and dispose of two and three-seater sofas, armchairs and sofabeds.

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Collection prices range from £10 - £100

A sofa collection tends to cost £10-£30 if it is good condition and is reused. When reuse occurs, the are no disposal costs for the collector. However, the item still needs to be collected and moved to another place. This involves labour and fuel.

On the other hand, if a sofa is worn, damaged or stained (and no reusers are interested), then you should expect to pay £40-£100 for the collection. This is because the sofa has to be disposed of and that disposal costs the collector money! For clarity, commercial waste collectors cannot take things to the local tip and dispose of them for free. They have to take waste to a commercial disposal facility, which charges by weight.  Sofas and other upholstered items are charged at a premium - see below.


POP legislation increased sofa disposal prices significantly

Sofa collection prices have risen recently because of the January 2023 changes in POP legislation. These new regulations require upholstered furniture to be disposed of in a certain way.  Basically, it must now be taken to a waste to energy facility rather than landfilled or broken down for recycling. This means high disposal costs, which feed through to higher collection charges.


Factors that infuence collection price

Assuming it cannot be reused, the final price charged for a pickup depends on time of day, urgency, ease of collection, geographic location, and size and weight of sofa. To see recent examples browse our gallery of latest sofa collection jobs here.

Note: prices marked with an asterisk include 20% VAT, so if you're a VAT registered business, you could have claimed that bit back.

Sofa bed + cushions, £35*

3 seater leather sofa, £75

2 seater, £70

4 seater sofa + footstool, £70

Large sofa, £110

Sofa bed, £80

Three-seater sofa, £50*

Chesterfield armchair, £40*

Three-seater sofabed £40

Small 2 seater, £40

3 seater, £50

2 seater couch, £45

Two-seater sofa, £40

L-shape sofa bed, £50*

Armchair, £25*

Sofabed, £50

Two-seater settee, £45

Armchair, £45

Small two-seater sofa, £40

Leather sofa, £45

2 seater, £70*

3 seater, £40*

Settee, £35

3 seater, £45

Small armchair, £35

2 seater sofa, £50

Single armchair, £30*

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