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Guide to Cheap Sofa Disposal – How Much to Pay

22 June 2021

Cheap sofa disposal: how much should you expect to pay to get rid of a sofa?

Have you ever wanted to know what the fair price for sofa disposal is?

Here are some recent examples of jobs undertaken by licensed waste collectors that took place through the LoveJunk waste removal and junk reuse marketplace to remove and dispose of two and three-seater sofas, armchairs and sofabeds.

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Collection prices range from £20 - £60

The collection cost for cheap sofa disposal typically ranges from £20 to £60.  The exact price depends on the size of the sofa, whether it can be reused/ resold, and the amount of labour required to remove it.  Cheaper sofa disposal prices are usually because the furniture item can be reused, and therefore there are no disposal costs for the collector.

Note, prices marked with an asterisk include 20% VAT, so if you're a VAT registered business, you could have claimed that bit back.

Armchair, £35*

2 seater leather sofa, £35

3 seater, £40

Small armchair, £35

Armchair, £40

2 seater, £60

Three-seater sofa, £50*

Chesterfield armchair, £40*

Three-seater sofabed £40

Small 2 seater, £40

3 seater, £50

2 seater couch, £45

Two-seater sofa, £40

L-shape sofa bed, £50*

Armchair, £25*

Sofabed, £50

Two-seater settee, £45

Armchair, £45

Small two-seater sofa, £40

Leather sofa, £45

2 seater, £70*

3 seater, £40*

Settee, £35

3 seater, £45

Small armchair, £35

2 seater sofa, £50

Single armchair, £30*

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