Guide prices for Hippo bag collection in London

19 February 2021

How much should it cost to collect a Hippo bag in London in 2021?

See below for examples of how much local licensed waste collectors are charging through the LoveJunk platform to collect and dispose of filled skip bags.

Collection prices range from £80-£200 depending on size of bag, the type of waste (trade/DIY or bulky waste like furniture and appliances), postcode and when you need the skip bag collected.  The cheaper prices reflect smaller bags and that a collector was nearby at the time the customer required collection, meaning their cost of travel was lower than normal.

If a price has an asterisk, it includes 20% VAT.  So if you are VAT registered business, the effective cost to you would be 20% less.

To find your cheapest price for a skip bag collection, just post a job now or learn more at

Bathroom 4.5yds, £150

Hippowaste Midibag £100*

Megabag, £100

Beebag £85

Hippowaste Megabag £90*

Hippobag of soil, £120*

3 Skip bags with earth, £200

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