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Cheap Rubbish Removal London – Examples and Guidance

1 February 2021

How to find and what to pay for London Rubbish Removal

Are you researching London rubbish removal? Do you want to know how much to pay to have rubbish collected in London by a licensed waste carrier? Well, you're in the right place!

Scroll down to see loads of recent jobs that happened through the LoveJunk marketplace showing how much legitimate collectors charge in London.


Typical Cost of London Rubbish Removal

Collection costs in Greater London range from £15 to £300 and prices depend on the volume, type and weight of the bulky waste. Also how quickly you need it removed, how much labour is needed to load and clear it, and how far it is from the collector.

Why do similar rubbish removal jobs (ie. in size and waste type) vary inj price so much? If it's much cheaper, this is almost always because a collector was very nearby when the customer needed the waste removing. This meant there was no need to cover the normal labour and fuel cost in getting to the site. Bear in mind that a large part of the cost of ad hoc rubbish removal is travelling to and from the site. London, in particular, has lots of traffic. SIn other words the cost of the person or persons in the van as they drive to your address. If that cost can be reduced by finding a collector very close by with some space on their truck, then the price will be cheaper.


Example Rubbish Removal Prices for London

Below are recent examples of how much licensed waste collectors are charging to remove and dispose of anything too big for the bin. These included old sofas, cardboard, fridges, kitchen and bathroom rip-outs, garden wastecarpet, and DIY waste. Prices marked with an asterisk include 20% VAT - if you're a business, you can claim this back.

Check out lots more examples happening every day at our live job gallery

Two-seater sofa, £30

Bathroom refurbishment, £100

Double mattress, £25

Fridge £15*

Armchair £35

Garden waste £300

Three-seater sofa, £50*

King mattress £20*

Three-seater sofabed £40

American fridge freezer £70

Kitchen cabinets £40

Carpet £20

Two-seater sofa, £40

L-shape sofa bed £50*

Household junk £115

Double mattress £25

Kitchen appliances £170

Armchair £45

King size mattress £50

Two-seater settee £45

Rubble & wood £60

Leather sofa £45

Super king mattress £65

Bathroom removal £150*

Single mattress £30

Velvet sofa £30*

Household rubbish £70

Fridge £45

Bathroom suite £65*

Sofabed £50

Laminate flooring £80*

Small two-seater sofa £40

Home refurbishment £190

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