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Finding the cheapest fridge disposal prices in London

25 February 2021

Examples and guidance of prices for fridge disposal by a licensed waste carrier

Looking for cheap fridge disposal and removal in London? How much should you pay a licensed waste carrier to remove your fridge?

Scroll down to see lots of example jobs that happened through the LoveJunk waste removal marketplace showing how much collectors charged to remove and dispose of a fridge.


Typical cost of Fridge Removal

The average cost tohave a fridge removed from your home for disposal and recycling is £15 to £65 depending on its size and reusability.


Example Fridge Collection Prices in London

Below are real examples of prices paid to licensed waste carriers to remove a fridge from a property and dispose of it properly. Prices vary acccording to fridge size, condition and location. Any job price with an asterisk means it included VAT at 20%. This means that if you’re a VAT registered business, you could have claimed this 20% back.

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Fridge freezer, £35*

SMEG fridge, £30

Medium fridge, £30

Large fridge freezer, £40*

Large fridge, £15*

Broken fridge, £45*

American fridge freezer, £80*

Fridge, £45

Fridge, £45*

American fridge freezer, £75

Large fridge, £50*

American fridge freezer, £60*

Tall fridge, £50

Large fridge, £50

Fridge, £50

Wine fridge, £60

Fridge freezer, £65

American fridge freezer, £15*

Tall fridge, £50

Large fridge freezer, £50

Fridge, £65

Fridge freezer, £20*

Tall fridge, £40

Fridge, £40

Fridge freezer, £50

American fridge freezer, £50

Broken fridge, £45*

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