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Finding the cheapest fridge disposal prices in London

25 February 2021

How much should you pay a licensed waste carrier to remove your fridge in London in 2021?

Here is a bunch of recent jobs happened through the LoveJunk platform showing how much collectors charged to remove and dispose of a fridge.

The average cost typically ranges from £15 to £50 depending on the size and reusability of the fridge.

note: a price with an asterisk means it included VAT at 20% - so if you’re a VAT registered business, you could have claimed this back.

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Fridge freezer, £35*

SMEG fridge, £30

Medium fridge, £30

Large fridge freezer, £40*

Large fridge, £15*

Broken fridge, £45*

American fridge freezer, £80*

Fridge, £45

Fridge, £45*

American fridge freezer, £75

Large fridge, £50*

American fridge freezer, £60*

Tall fridge, £50

Large fridge, £50

Fridge, £50

Wine fridge, £60

Fridge freezer, £65

American fridge freezer, £15*

Tall fridge, £50

Large fridge freezer, £50

Fridge, £65

Fridge freezer, £20*

Tall fridge, £40

Fridge, £40

Fridge freezer, £50

American fridge freezer, £50

Broken fridge, £45*

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